So good to be home


 Winter is hard. It’s cold and wet and windy and honestly so dark. I mean sure there are parts of winter I love, like the way snowflakes sparkle and the crispness, the way ice hangs from tree: winter can be so beautiful. 
But the darkness and harsh weather are really hard on me. And I get really down and sad, so I went home. 

There is no better cure for winter time blues than hanging out in your family home with your parents and pets. Love is the best cure! 

Hope you’re all having a happy weekend!



What to wear when it’s going to snow

This just in: It’s winter. Today the weather forecast predicted that it would snow, and there was some snow left over from last night’s frost/snow escapade. Am I resisting quoting GOT? Yes, yes I am. But more importantly, what the heck do you where when it starts getting too cold to think? Hint: it’s what I’ve been telling you all along, knit turtlenecks! You don’t have to wear a scarf with them so that eliminates an extra layer that will hang out of your coat and get covered in snow (ie super cold and wet). It’s warm and has room under for lighter layers if you happen to go into a room with the heat on.


I’ve paired my turtleneck sweater, from Forever21, with my aritzia leather leggings and a long tee shirt under from Lululemon.

Bundle up, friends, it’s gonna get cold.