The joys of second hand clothes 

I have always been an advocate for finding clothes at thrift stores and vintage shops because I like the idea of giving clothes and accessories a second life. I’ve always been a big fan of history and to me buying second hand clothes was like buying something with history to it. Now of course the cheaper price helps too. Another fun place for me to check is my mom and dad’s closet for fun pieces. I recently found two amazing pairs of cropped pants in my moms closet that I have since claimed as my own and I love them. They let me use something that we already owned so I didn’t produce any new waste buying something new and they are so cute how could I not love them?

The pink blouse is also thrifted by the way! Buying second hand is better for the environment and better for your wallet, so what’s not to love?

What are your thoughts?


The day I wore colour

It’s cold now, but there is still a little bit of sun which makes it feel a little bit warmer out whether it actually is or isn’t. Yesterday I had such a strong urge to wear my purple riding pants and an equally strong urge to wear my green turtleneck pullover, but I didn’t think about them together. Even my boyfriend noticed “wow you’re wearing a lot of colour today”.

It’s no surprise that I prefer dark shades of grey, beige, and black over most things, but something about yesterday’s sun made me want to dress like an inverted Iris.



The pants are from American Apparel, the sweater is my mom’s, the jacket is my dad’s, and the shoes are Rod Laver for Adidas.

How are you feeling about colour these days, friends?