Feeling at home

In an unforeseen chain of events I have fallen in love with a city that I can barely afford. Vancouver is expensive… I mean, that’s a pretty obvious statement for anyone living in Canada, but it is still I remain. There is something about Vancouver that pulls me in and fills me sense of belonging. Maybe it’s the kombucha talking or maybe there’s something in the air, but I have never felt like I was home as much as I do now. Obviously I feel at home when I’m with my family, but that sensation was not tied geographically to any one place like it does now.

A couple weeks ago my mom asked if I ever thought about moving back to Ontario to save some money to go on adventures overseas and such. And honestly as much as I would love to fill the coffers I don’t feel like I need to go somewhere else for an adventure because I feel like I am living my adventure. Everyday feels different and exciting, and even on my worst days there’s something about seeing mountains and sitting by the ocean that comforts me.

The distance from my family is tough: it’s always going to be tough, but it’s worth it and I know I can make it work. There is so much potential for change and for myself in this city, I feel it everywhere. I have met some of the most inspiring and knowledgable people while I’ve been here that have opened my heart and my mind to my own prejudices and ignorance, and have since helped me become better mindfully but socially. There are triumphs and tribulations in every city and by no means do I wear rose coloured glasses: there’s A LOT that needs to change and even more that needs to be better in Vancouver, but the people I have met have given me hope that these changes can and will occur.

I guess what I’m saying is that I have a big old crush on this city and if any of you want to come visit I will talk your ear off as to why. Cue that song from Disney’s Hercules: I’ve found the place where I belong.

Much love as always,


Taking time to remember something awesome

Over the summer a close friend and I went out for a drive to chat and to hang out. I was still really new to Vancouver and he wanted to show me around. Our drive lead us to the sea to sky highway which lead us to Squamish which lead us to a Tim Hortons next to a big mountain. Looking at it my friend turned to me and asked “hey, you wanna climb that?” And without even thinking I said “yeah!” Turns out I agreed to climb the Chief, which wasn’t as much fun as I thought, but the view from the top was worth it. I have never really been a spontaneous person so for me this was pretty radical. On our way back down the mountain we stopped at this little fresh water waterfall and we swam and hung out and did a little yoga. It was honestly one of the best moments of my life so far.