The transitions of life

Transitions are hard and they will always be hard no matter what age or what stage you’re in. Transitions are hard. Recently I have been able to experience the transition from student to graduate and let me tell you it feels so weird. After being in school since I was 4 having the freedom to go any direction is truly overwhelming. But stages and changes aren’t unique to my age, they follow you throughout life. Things are constantly changing and moving nothing really ever settles which is both humbling and exhilarating.

Things change, people change, time changes, but you know what doesn’t have to change? Your outlook on life. I find if you expect nothing, but embrace goodness and happiness you will be better off. If you realize you can’t do everything, but do what you can well and so that you can be proud of it you will be happier and feel fulfilled. And finally if you can understand what you can and cannot change and only focus your energy on what you can change then you will worry less and find peace. These are the lessons my parents taught me and I want to pass them along to all of you. Embrace kindness, but don’t expect it; something worth doing is worth doing well; only spend time on things in your control.

Life is also full of philosophical people like me who love to chat about nothing and everything, but hey who doesn’t?



For the love of white shorts

I don’t think that there are shorts that I feel are more vital than white ones. Most people I think would go for denim as their most important shorts, but I truly feel as though white ones are the quintessential shorts to have. They’re light, airy, and bright: pretty much just make you feel fancy. I find that white clothing in general is so nice because it just feels clean. It can be worn with any colour and in any season which makes it the most versatile colour for clothing in anyone’s closet. Also, if you’re wearing white shorts your legs will look more tanned which is so nice considering the summer sun is fading.

DSC_0639 copyDSC_0640 copyDSC_0641 copy

My top is my mom’s and my shorts are from Zara.

So now that you know how I feel, how do you feel about white shorts?




School’s Out … Forever?

No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks. But actually.

This is my first year not going back to school and it feels so weird. So incredibly weird. A lot of my friends are already back at school or going back soon and I feel mildly left out, but strangely relieved. I have been in school forever and now that I have graduated and have a degree I have nothing but open doors even though it doesn’t feel like that all the time. It’s definitely different because I feel like I have so much freedom and so many possibilities as to what my next step should be, that I almost feel crippled by it. The vastness of the unknown seriously has been harshing on my mellow all summer, and now that it is the fall I have decided to end my break from real life. After graduating in the spring I gave myself the summer to figure out what I wanted to do moving forward, but I think it kind of back fired. All summer I just felt like I was under the weight of uncertainty and this weight scared me and made me question every choice I have made thus far in my life. I think having the time to be with my family and to be with myself was needed because I really learned that I am not one to handle idle time well, but it was also good because I really got to connect with the ones I love the most.

But now it’s back to real life. For some it’s back to school, but for me it’s back to real life and back to figuring out my path. As weird as it is to not be gearing up with textbooks and school supplies, it is also incredibly freeing. After months of feeling heavy I finally feel light and ready for the next phase whatever that may be.

Stay tuned friends, you never know what is lying just around the corner.



Just Natural Products

I have been questing for natural, cruelty free products for my hair and skin because it really aligns with my personal beliefs. I really do not like animal testing and I am incredibly saddened by how many products and brands I have used in the past rely on both animal testing and harsh chemicals. So when I found Just Natural Skincare Products online I was smitten with their values, which align with mine, and with their reviews. They so graciously sent me a few different products that I have been using for about three weeks and I have to say I am really impressed.

I tried their adult acne soap, their anti aging lotion, and their dry hair oil treatment.

First of all, I have been experiencing some frustrating pimple flare ups and I have been trying like everything to get rid of them. I have never really had bad skin so when I get pimples, especially those pesky few pimples that like to live permanently on my forehead. Before Natural Skincare Products I was using an acne cleanser that was rich in benzoyl peroxide in it which made my skin really dry and also did not really give me the results I was after. But, Natural Skincare Products acne soap actually worked wonders. It isn’t that drying, which is pretty crazy for a bar of soap, and it really cleared up my skin. It worked way better than anything else I have tried. I use it morning and night, and after I work out and need to clean extra oil and sweat off my face.

Secondly the anti aging skin cream is so moisturizing and not oily at all. I’m not entirely sure if it is getting rid of any fine lines, but I do know that my complexion is really bright since I have started using the moisturizer. I use it all over my face, neck, and hands mostly at night or whenever my face is feeling dry and like it needs a little tlc (I wear a moisturizer with SPF in the morning).

Lastly the dry hair treatment is amazing. I have used Moroccan oils before in my hair so I had an idea as to how to use it. With oils you only need a little bit because too much with make your hair super oily which sort of defeats the point of using it to help dry hair because over washing your hair will make it super dry. Anyway, you only really need a little bit. Natural Skincare Product’s dry treatment oil smells amazing and it really has improved my split ends. I use it generally just at night, 3 or 4 pumps into my hand and work it into the ends of my hair. I also do it before I wash my hair to help add a little moisture before washing. The ends of my hair are a disaster because I use a lot of heat products on it, but the oil has helped to soften, untangle, and repair damage.

All in all, if you’re looking to try some natural products that are made with ingredients that are not harmful to both your body and the environment then give Just Natural Skincare Products a try. Don’t underestimate the power of natural products!

What are some of your favourite natural products?



Peplums and Rosegal

Remember how I said there was a top from Rosegal that I got that I absolutely loved? Well here it is! I don’t usually wear peplum tops, but I adore this one. It’s a style I have always wanted to try. Another nice thing about it is that it looked exactly like it’s photo on the Rosegal website.


The top (available here) is really versatile. Peplums can be worn a little dressier, like here with a skirt, or casually with jeans or tight shorts. Also the stripes of this shirt are incredibly fun.

So I learned that I shouldn’t write places off based on one experience alone. Rosegal does have some really cute things, but like all online stores do be cautious and check the sizing guide thoroughly!



Ps Check out Rosegal on Instagram and Facebook!

Inspiration for that summer to fall transition

Unlike the transition from winter to spring which is exciting because it means warmer days are coming, the transition from summer to fall is a little sad and kinda clumsy. You have the cooler northern winds whipping in which freezes you white the summer sun still beats down strong meaning you could still get a sunburn. It’s awkward because it isn’t coat weather but it isn’t necessarily sandal whether, so what can you wear? I personally love the look of shorts with sweaters: it is fun, funky, and a great way to show off the remainder of your tan before winter paleness sets in. Here I’m wearing bright, white shorts with a fun cropped black sweater. It’s simple and functional and great for the transitional season between summer and fall.


My sweater is from American Apparel and my shorts are from Zara.

What is your transition go to?



My Experience With Rosegal

I really hate writing bad reviews because I make it my mission to only work with companies that I respect and like. But, I value honesty above all else so I will be real with you guys: my experience with Rosegal left me feeling less than impressed. I ordered two full pieces and a top, which was actually really cute, but the swimsuits were disasters. Now, what I have read form other people seems to be a weird mix of positive and negative and they discuss everything from shipping to quality of product to customer service. I checked the sizing, but for a full piece they only gave a waist size nothing else so that was troublesome. They both fit my perfectly length wise, but were cut so narrow in the top section, which sucked, and one of the straps broke on one of them. Not a great scene.

There were some positives though: the shirt is lovely and I adore it. The shipping was really fast and it only took about a week and a half which isn’t terrible. Also their customer service was really good.

Perhaps it was my body type that didn’t fit with the swimsuits, maybe they would look better on someone with a smaller rib cage, I don’t know.

It’s a little frustrating and I probably won’t be buying swimwear from here again, but the shirt I ordered was really cute and matched it’s photo online so I guess I am giving Rosegal mixed reviews. What are your experiences like? Have you shopped there before? Let me know in the comments!



The truth about detoxing

Recently I was approached by a company that wanted me to review one of their detoxing teas which is essentially a tea blend that claims to clean your body. Now, let’s have a little chat about what that really means: the trendy version of detoxing these days is a day time tea blend containing herbs that suppress your appetite and nighttime tea blends that are based mainly on senna. If you aren’t familiar with senna it is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, natural laxative. For those of you lucky enough to not know what a laxative is or have never experienced one let me just tell you it’s quite extreme. It essentially flushes out your intestinal track. To do that to your body either every night or every other night would be devastating to your system. It also would yield short term results and cause possible long term medical issues (i.e. not being able to use your bowels properly from a reliance on senna which would be awful, or worse developing a form of IBS). Basically using these magic 14, 24, 30, etc day long cleanses, who use already fit and skinny models to promote their products, you won’t get lasting debloating and weight loss results. If you want to lose weight and feel less bloated then you need to change your lifestyle, and you can’t expect results over a short period of time. If you want to feel more regular and are searching for ways to kick start you on this journey to feeling like a temple then keep reading. These are a few things that I do as my own natural form of detoxing and keeping my body feeling energized and awesome.

  1. Lemon Juice

Every morning I start my day off with have a lemon squeezed into a cup of hot water. I have seriously noticed how this simple task really energizes me and it really gets my system awake. When you first break your fast from sleeping it can be hard for your body to absorb water right away, so if you start with lemon juice the sugars will be more easily absorbed and then any water drunk after will also actually be used to help hydrate you.

2.  Kale

Kale is great. It is packed with vitamins AND is great if you’re feeling blocked. Healthy colon, healthy life. So maybe this is cheating, but I often blend my kale because eating it raw is a little tough. For me I blend it with apples, spinach, avocado, pinapple and coconut water. It’s great and creamy, and I find that kale is a natural way to keep you moving and grooving.

3. Sweat


You wanna know a great way to detox? Sweat. Go for a run or a walk or dance or anything that gets you dripping. It will give you a glow, push toxins out of your pores, and help keep you regular.

Your body is a magical thing and will take care of its own detoxing. Your guts know what they are doing, but if you feel stuck or want to feel more like a goddess than try these tips. The best way to really feel your best is honestly to just take care of yourself, sleep regularly, drink lots of water, and eat your vegetables. Gosh I sound like my parents.

Let me know if you have any different tips for detoxing in the comments!


A Lovely Style Tip

Welcome to this new thing I have decided to create. I call it “A Lovely Style Tip” and it is where I will share one of my most trusted style secrets. Today my lovely style tip is mixing fabrics. I have mentioned it before, but this look presented a wonderful example to explain the concept again. Pretty much I find that distinct fabrics paired together create a unique look.Different fabrics create a beautiful story with your look that has interesting texture and depth. Here I am mixing a corduroy and silk tank. Even though corduroy is a heavier fabric and usually seen most in the fall and winter, when it’s paired with a lighter, breezier fabric it somehow makes corduroy summer ready.

DSC_0589 copyDSC_0590 copyDSC_0592 copyDSC_0594 copyDSC_0597 copy

Let me know how you feel about Lovely Style Tips! I would love some feedback.



Dog Days of Summer Inspiration

Welcome to the end of July and the start of August aka where the real summer heat starts to kick in. This is what is called the “Dog Days” which basically means that you can see the constellation Sirius in the sky (the dog star) and it historically always signified the hottest, most humid time of the summer. So with that in mind I have made a little collage of heat survival inspiration, a wishlist if you will, that will help you keep cool, calm, and collected with Sirius reigns over us.
Rosegal Wishlist


From bottom to top going counter clockwise we have: Red dressDenim shorts,  Romper,  One piece swimsuit,  One piece swimsuit, Golden sunglasses,  Aviator sunglasses. These are all available on which is a great option for affordable and trendy clothes.
Pretty much what I think anyone would need while it’s stinking hot outside are some super fun full piece swimsuits because they double as bodysuits that can be worn under shorts and skirts, and to me full pieces have a romantic and classic vibe to them. You will also need some light weight, throw on rompers and dresses because, let’s face it, when it’s hot out I can barely think and will grab anything that is nearby to wear. Pieces with patterns on them make them stand alone better making your job accessorizing way easier because you can just throw on and go. Finally you will always need sunnies, because eye health is important, and because they’re cool. I personally am loving super reflective and lighter coloured glasses right now and it’s summer, why not try them out since they are totally necessary.
What are you vibing on to help you survive the long, hot dog days?