Exploring the world of Crystal Hills

I think there is something to be said about the healing powers of the earth. To be honest I am a firm believer in the idea that if you put energy into something you’ll get energy back. In the Renaissance and even more recently before modern medicine, healers believed if your mind was happy and at ease your body would too. I think that oils, aromatherapy and crystals have some serious merit when it comes to calming and cleansing your mind. So when Crystal Hills reached out to me about reviewing their products I was thrilled to try them out.

Crystal Hills blends oils, herbs, and crystals together to not only help sooth you, but to also help moisturize your skin. I tried their Crystal Dreams and their Crystal Harmony body serums over the course of about a month and a bit and I have to say I have never felt so pampered. I used Crystal Dreams, which is blended to help you relax for sleep more easily, at night before bed massaging it into my hands and arms, and I used Crystal Harmony, which is blended to help you find balance, in the morning to help me get my head straight before headed to work. Both serums smell amazing and don’t leave your skin oily, but feeling and smelling amazing. I personally would recommend both, if not Crystal Dreams more. I love anything that helps me unwind at night.

Crystal Hills’ farm and manufacturing center is located here in British Columbia out in the Okanagan and they boast a long list of impressive feats. They are certified organic/sustainably farmed or produced, vegan, cruelty free, and made with no preservatives. The company is also focused on minimizing their carbon footprint and they are striving towards a more sustainable future which I love.

I definitely recommend them, their products are absolutely lovely, and they have way more than just body serums! Check out Crystal Hill  for yourselves and let me know what you think!



It’s all in the details

My mother used to tell me when I was a little girl that less was more. She felt this was necessary to remind me, at age 5, as I piled on dresses, skirts, socks, and pretty much anything I could layer onto my little body. To reinforce this idea that perhaps “simple pictures are best” I remember reading that all the chicest women of France took off one accessory before leaving the house. This concept of being choosy with that I adorn myself with led me to be very detail oriented with my furnishings. It is for this reason that I am in love with Jord wood watches. They are beautifully designed and intricately made, and they have such a charming earthy feel to them that makes these watches truly unique. I really love the Frankie 35 Series (the one I’m wearing) because the face is a little smaller than some of their other collections, and as someone with baby wrists having a smaller face is necessary. The earthy tons of Jord’s watches I find really compliment the winter since it’s such a pale and dull season. The rich and warm colours of their watches bring a little hint of summer to any outfit making it a detail not to be missed. I’m not sure if the simple lesson that less is more was meant by my parents to teach me about accessorizing, but regardless it’s made so easy and chic with these watches! If you’re as obsessed with Jord as I am, check out my giveaway with them! There’s a link at the bottom of this post.


My watch, the Frankie 35 Series, is available here.

Follow this link to enter for a chance to win your own Jord wood watch. All entrants get a $25 discount code simply by entering the contest too. Let me know in the comments how you would style your watch if you won!



Luxury Wooden Watch

My StyleWe Closet Essentials

I love building my wardrobe so that I feel it has longevity, and StyleWe helps me do that. Their website is filled with affordable pieces to help any young woman prepare for her future with smart and beautiful pieces. This post has been a long time coming because I have been working on my closet for a while, it actually has helped me with budgeting too. Basically I made a list of all the things I thought I would need in my closet for the next 5 or more years and have slowly been checking things off the list. And it protects my budget too because I am only buying things that are on my list. So when StyleWe reached out about doing a little collaboration with me I was overjoyed because here was the perfect avenue to get some pieces checked off my list and to share what I considered some of the easiest and most versatile pieces.

For me two of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe are a striped shirt and a v-neck sweater. They yield endless possibilities: date night, office wear, hanging out, running errands, even brunch. They literally can be worn countless ways and are so simple to add into any wardrobe. Here is how I styled them for a more casual look and a formal look.


You can shop the v-neck sweater here and the stripped tee here.

What do you think about these two pieces from StyleWe? Let me know in the comments!



Just Natural Products

I have been questing for natural, cruelty free products for my hair and skin because it really aligns with my personal beliefs. I really do not like animal testing and I am incredibly saddened by how many products and brands I have used in the past rely on both animal testing and harsh chemicals. So when I found Just Natural Skincare Products online I was smitten with their values, which align with mine, and with their reviews. They so graciously sent me a few different products that I have been using for about three weeks and I have to say I am really impressed.

I tried their adult acne soap, their anti aging lotion, and their dry hair oil treatment.

First of all, I have been experiencing some frustrating pimple flare ups and I have been trying like everything to get rid of them. I have never really had bad skin so when I get pimples, especially those pesky few pimples that like to live permanently on my forehead. Before Natural Skincare Products I was using an acne cleanser that was rich in benzoyl peroxide in it which made my skin really dry and also did not really give me the results I was after. But, Natural Skincare Products acne soap actually worked wonders. It isn’t that drying, which is pretty crazy for a bar of soap, and it really cleared up my skin. It worked way better than anything else I have tried. I use it morning and night, and after I work out and need to clean extra oil and sweat off my face.

Secondly the anti aging skin cream is so moisturizing and not oily at all. I’m not entirely sure if it is getting rid of any fine lines, but I do know that my complexion is really bright since I have started using the moisturizer. I use it all over my face, neck, and hands mostly at night or whenever my face is feeling dry and like it needs a little tlc (I wear a moisturizer with SPF in the morning).

Lastly the dry hair treatment is amazing. I have used Moroccan oils before in my hair so I had an idea as to how to use it. With oils you only need a little bit because too much with make your hair super oily which sort of defeats the point of using it to help dry hair because over washing your hair will make it super dry. Anyway, you only really need a little bit. Natural Skincare Product’s dry treatment oil smells amazing and it really has improved my split ends. I use it generally just at night, 3 or 4 pumps into my hand and work it into the ends of my hair. I also do it before I wash my hair to help add a little moisture before washing. The ends of my hair are a disaster because I use a lot of heat products on it, but the oil has helped to soften, untangle, and repair damage.

All in all, if you’re looking to try some natural products that are made with ingredients that are not harmful to both your body and the environment then give Just Natural Skincare Products a try. Don’t underestimate the power of natural products!

What are some of your favourite natural products?



Peplums and Rosegal

Remember how I said there was a top from Rosegal that I got that I absolutely loved? Well here it is! I don’t usually wear peplum tops, but I adore this one. It’s a style I have always wanted to try. Another nice thing about it is that it looked exactly like it’s photo on the Rosegal website.


The top (available here) is really versatile. Peplums can be worn a little dressier, like here with a skirt, or casually with jeans or tight shorts. Also the stripes of this shirt are incredibly fun.

So I learned that I shouldn’t write places off based on one experience alone. Rosegal does have some really cute things, but like all online stores do be cautious and check the sizing guide thoroughly!



Ps Check out Rosegal on Instagram and Facebook!

My Experience With Rosegal

I really hate writing bad reviews because I make it my mission to only work with companies that I respect and like. But, I value honesty above all else so I will be real with you guys: my experience with Rosegal left me feeling less than impressed. I ordered two full pieces and a top, which was actually really cute, but the swimsuits were disasters. Now, what I have read form other people seems to be a weird mix of positive and negative and they discuss everything from shipping to quality of product to customer service. I checked the sizing, but for a full piece they only gave a waist size nothing else so that was troublesome. They both fit my perfectly length wise, but were cut so narrow in the top section, which sucked, and one of the straps broke on one of them. Not a great scene.

There were some positives though: the shirt is lovely and I adore it. The shipping was really fast and it only took about a week and a half which isn’t terrible. Also their customer service was really good.

Perhaps it was my body type that didn’t fit with the swimsuits, maybe they would look better on someone with a smaller rib cage, I don’t know.

It’s a little frustrating and I probably won’t be buying swimwear from here again, but the shirt I ordered was really cute and matched it’s photo online so I guess I am giving Rosegal mixed reviews. What are your experiences like? Have you shopped there before? Let me know in the comments!



Foxy Originals Giveaway

So remember earlier this week when I said I would give you guys my own style of #SummerSurprises and I hope an earring giveaway sponsored by Foxy Originals! For this giveaway you can win either the Moon and Star studs or the Haven studs, both featured in my previous review. 

To enter all you have to do is click the Rafflecopter link below. I am clearly not as good with the Internet as I thought I was so I hope I did it right. Regardless all you need to do is follow me on Instagram (www.instragram.com/leandraguillet) and follow Foxy Originals on Instagram (www.instagram.com/foxyoriginals) and then comment on this post when you’ve done all of these with your Instagram handle and an email we can reach you at (hopefully through the Rafflecopter) with your choice of either the moon and star earrings or the haven ones! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fingers crossed this Rafflecopter works! Good luck guys! The contest ends next week!



Dog Days of Summer Inspiration

Welcome to the end of July and the start of August aka where the real summer heat starts to kick in. This is what is called the “Dog Days” which basically means that you can see the constellation Sirius in the sky (the dog star) and it historically always signified the hottest, most humid time of the summer. So with that in mind I have made a little collage of heat survival inspiration, a wishlist if you will, that will help you keep cool, calm, and collected with Sirius reigns over us.
Rosegal Wishlist


From bottom to top going counter clockwise we have: Red dressDenim shorts,  Romper,  One piece swimsuit,  One piece swimsuit, Golden sunglasses,  Aviator sunglasses. These are all available on Rosegal.com which is a great option for affordable and trendy clothes.
Pretty much what I think anyone would need while it’s stinking hot outside are some super fun full piece swimsuits because they double as bodysuits that can be worn under shorts and skirts, and to me full pieces have a romantic and classic vibe to them. You will also need some light weight, throw on rompers and dresses because, let’s face it, when it’s hot out I can barely think and will grab anything that is nearby to wear. Pieces with patterns on them make them stand alone better making your job accessorizing way easier because you can just throw on and go. Finally you will always need sunnies, because eye health is important, and because they’re cool. I personally am loving super reflective and lighter coloured glasses right now and it’s summer, why not try them out since they are totally necessary.
What are you vibing on to help you survive the long, hot dog days?

Foxy Originals Jewelry

I love jewelry. I don’t think anyone who reads this blog can dispute that. I also love supporting and promoting Canadian brands and companies, so when Foxy Originals got in touch with me I was ecstatic. They honestly make some of my favourite jewelry. Their whole collection is really upbeat, fun, and beautiful. They keep up with trends, but also create pieces that are unique to them.

I got to test out their Haven gold studs (they’re the ones that are diamond shape with white detailing) and also their Moon and Star studs in silver which really made my celestial dreams come true. These earrings are seriously DREAMY! And in keeping with my fave Jenner #SummerSurprises are yet to come! Check back later this week for a super fun surprise.

Are you loving Foxy Originals’ studs or what?! Let me know in the comments!