Slouchy Mondays

Growing up I never found much comfort in being in sweatpants outside of my house. Because of that I had to find other ways to feel comfy when on days when it was grey and mopey. This quest lead me to my new found love of mom/relaxed jeans. I almost feel like a mermaid because they aren’t super fitted so my legs swim in them. It’s magic. 


My sweater is from brandy Melville and my jeans are from ZARA. 

Hope you all have a happy Monday!



How to make your desk a sanctuary

Now while my desk may not be “Desk Inspo” yet, I am working on it. Through research into what boost your creativity and productivity I have found a few things to help make your desk feel less blah and more awesome. It’s somewhere where I do my school work, where I work on my blog, and where I chill and surf the magical internet. So here are some things to make your desk feel more like a sanctuary and less like a prison.

DSC_0552 copyDSC_0551 copy

Surround yourself with positive images and memories

Where they are on your desk in magazine and book form, or on your wall through photographs and inspirational posters, keep images that inspire you close. Wallprints are available pretty much anywhere, I love these two from Little and the Middle. Kinfolk is full of beautiful images and inspiration, this book is a compilation of ways to make your home more beautiful, available at The Sunnyside.

A little fire always helps

Sometimes your senses can have more of an impact on your productivity than you think. When you’re feeling stuck in writers block light a candles. There’s no scientific proof behind this, but it always helps me refocus myself. I adore the candles from The Sunnyside they are so potent, available here,  and The Westin’s candle line is sure to make you feel like you’re on vacation, available here.

Green goes a long way


Having a plant as a pet is so rewarding and they make all spaces feel so much more luxurious. These succulents (found here) are small and great to fit on your desk.

Organize, Organize, Organize!

Put your cards, notes, pens, etc close to you on your desk in these cute dishes. Keeping your pens and sticky-notes where they are easily accessible help you stay focused on your work because you won’t be waiting time searching for supplies. And how gorgeous is the H&M home line? This tin and Pineapple candle holder (which can double as a pen holder) are available here.

Building your perfect desk isn’t as hard as you think, it’s merely a matter of keeping things organized, positive, and fun.

What are your tabletop must haves?