Feeling at home

In an unforeseen chain of events I have fallen in love with a city that I can barely afford. Vancouver is expensive… I mean, that’s a pretty obvious statement for anyone living in Canada, but it is still I remain. There is something about Vancouver that pulls me in and fills me sense of belonging. Maybe it’s the kombucha talking or maybe there’s something in the air, but I have never felt like I was home as much as I do now. Obviously I feel at home when I’m with my family, but that sensation was not tied geographically to any one place like it does now.

A couple weeks ago my mom asked if I ever thought about moving back to Ontario to save some money to go on adventures overseas and such. And honestly as much as I would love to fill the coffers I don’t feel like I need to go somewhere else for an adventure because I feel like I am living my adventure. Everyday feels different and exciting, and even on my worst days there’s something about seeing mountains and sitting by the ocean that comforts me.

The distance from my family is tough: it’s always going to be tough, but it’s worth it and I know I can make it work. There is so much potential for change and for myself in this city, I feel it everywhere. I have met some of the most inspiring and knowledgable people while I’ve been here that have opened my heart and my mind to my own prejudices and ignorance, and have since helped me become better mindfully but socially. There are triumphs and tribulations in every city and by no means do I wear rose coloured glasses: there’s A LOT that needs to change and even more that needs to be better in Vancouver, but the people I have met have given me hope that these changes can and will occur.

I guess what I’m saying is that I have a big old crush on this city and if any of you want to come visit I will talk your ear off as to why. Cue that song from Disney’s Hercules: I’ve found the place where I belong.

Much love as always,


3 Annoying Habits to Adopt

I’m the first to admit that I am very lazy when it comes to keeping my room clean. I never used to think much about it either: so what, it’s just a room does it really matter how clean it is? I thought that until one day a friend of mine told me that the state of one’s room is a direct reflection of the state of one’s mind meaning messy room= messy mind. This may sound a little hooey, but when I have a cleaner room I feel more relaxed and at ease while when my room is a disaster I get irritated and annoyed very easily. Whether or not these feelings are in my head I think it is definitely prudent to adopt a few cleaning habits to help with everyday life. At least these have been helping me so maybe they’ll help you.

  1. Put your clothes away every night

I’m not joking. Those socks you just took off and have lying on the floor? Put them in the laundry hamper you animal. It’s so annoying putting away your clothes after a long day of work, but the next morning when you wake up and your jeans are folded and there’s no laundry lying about on the floor trust me you’ll feel so much better.

2.  Put your beauty products away in their homes when you’re finished with them

Whether you keep your stuff in a bag or laid out in a drawer, make sure that there’s a place for everything and that everything goes into its place. Your bathroom will look cleaner, you won’t run the risk of knocking something  onto the floor, and you’ll be able to find everything the next time you want it because it will be in its home. Honestly it’s a win-win.

3. Make your bed 

I have actually talked about this before, but making your bed in the morning just makes your room feel cleaner and more organized. And who doesn’t love coming home to a bed that is made and not a huge mess? I’m a pretty volatile sleeper and I toss and turn all night so rearranging my sheets so that they look fresh makes a huge difference in my room. 

With all of these little habits the theme is that if things are organized and tidy you will be less stressed out not only trying to find what you need, but also you’ll feel more at ease in your own space. I used to be one of those people who claimed that in my mess there was order, but it was a lie: I just made my mess messier hunting for my things. I have a bad memory so if things are where they usually are I won’t feel as panicked trying to find them. Obviously these won’t work for everyone nor do I think this will ultimately cure anyone of stress or anxiety, but they helped me calm down a bit so if they help anyone else find some zen then that’s awesome. 
Much love, pumpkins!


We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming

Hey friends, it’s been awhile. I wanted to take this opportunity to fill you all in on my life and what I have been up to. For those of you who don’t know, two months ago I moved across Canada. It’s funny because people always ask why I moved and to be honest it was pretty much because after graduating I felt like I could pretty much go anywhere so I chose the west coast. My second big change was finding a job which took way longer than planned. It’s a tough market, but I am happy to say I got a job at an amazing local boutique, so it was definitely worth the wait.

Other than that I have been furnishing my apartment, figuring out my bus route, and simply figuring out “adult life”. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been exciting. So now I am basically working all the time and trying to find some balance in my life, which I am sure will come, but because of this my ability to spend time on my lovely blog has suffered. Have no fear though, friends, because I am back and I am ready to start time managing better! Yeah! Adulting!

So I hope you all are well and I hope you’re all so excited to be hearing from me again!



The truth about detoxing

Recently I was approached by a company that wanted me to review one of their detoxing teas which is essentially a tea blend that claims to clean your body. Now, let’s have a little chat about what that really means: the trendy version of detoxing these days is a day time tea blend containing herbs that suppress your appetite and nighttime tea blends that are based mainly on senna. If you aren’t familiar with senna it is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, natural laxative. For those of you lucky enough to not know what a laxative is or have never experienced one let me just tell you it’s quite extreme. It essentially flushes out your intestinal track. To do that to your body either every night or every other night would be devastating to your system. It also would yield short term results and cause possible long term medical issues (i.e. not being able to use your bowels properly from a reliance on senna which would be awful, or worse developing a form of IBS). Basically using these magic 14, 24, 30, etc day long cleanses, who use already fit and skinny models to promote their products, you won’t get lasting debloating and weight loss results. If you want to lose weight and feel less bloated then you need to change your lifestyle, and you can’t expect results over a short period of time. If you want to feel more regular and are searching for ways to kick start you on this journey to feeling like a temple then keep reading. These are a few things that I do as my own natural form of detoxing and keeping my body feeling energized and awesome.

  1. Lemon Juice

Every morning I start my day off with have a lemon squeezed into a cup of hot water. I have seriously noticed how this simple task really energizes me and it really gets my system awake. When you first break your fast from sleeping it can be hard for your body to absorb water right away, so if you start with lemon juice the sugars will be more easily absorbed and then any water drunk after will also actually be used to help hydrate you.

2.  Kale

Kale is great. It is packed with vitamins AND is great if you’re feeling blocked. Healthy colon, healthy life. So maybe this is cheating, but I often blend my kale because eating it raw is a little tough. For me I blend it with apples, spinach, avocado, pinapple and coconut water. It’s great and creamy, and I find that kale is a natural way to keep you moving and grooving.

3. Sweat


You wanna know a great way to detox? Sweat. Go for a run or a walk or dance or anything that gets you dripping. It will give you a glow, push toxins out of your pores, and help keep you regular.

Your body is a magical thing and will take care of its own detoxing. Your guts know what they are doing, but if you feel stuck or want to feel more like a goddess than try these tips. The best way to really feel your best is honestly to just take care of yourself, sleep regularly, drink lots of water, and eat your vegetables. Gosh I sound like my parents.

Let me know if you have any different tips for detoxing in the comments!


What I learned from being tidy for a week

How funny is that title? I am not a tidy person. I am many positive things, but cleanliness is not a virtue I possess. And one place I’m exceptionally messy is in my room. My bedroom is generally a disaster. I have been told that one’s room reflects their inner being, so many if I keep my room clean then it could work in reverse you know? Maybe if I keep my room clean then my mind will be clear too? Worth a shot.

Initially moving back home after finishing university is tough and not for the reasons you’re probably thinking. Yes it can be difficult to adjust to your parents’ schedule, but you also come back with SO. MUCH. STUFF. So much. And my primary storing place for all this stuff was my room. So obviously I had to clean my room. And once it was clean I proudly told my boyfriend to which he responded “Oh yeah? How long will that last?” SO RUDE RIGHT?! But, it was true. Every time in the past when I would clean my room it would be messy again the very next day, so I took his words as fuel for my cleaning fire! This time would be different! This time I would be clean forever!

So pretty much this past week I have been making an effort to keep my room cleaner than usual and this entails making my bed every morning, returning dishes and glasses to the kitchen, and putting my clothes and jewelry away. What I’ve learned is that it is both tedious and addictive to be tidy. Every morning when I wake up and get ready to go downstairs I look at my bed and sigh, but I make it anyway. And a weird thing is that one day I didn’t make it until after breakfast because I was so tired when I woke up I couldn’t bare the thought of making it then and there, but during breakfast I felt so guilty about not making it. I mean, why challenge myself to be tidy to ignore and give up on the goal of becoming a cleaner person? I put my clothes away either at night or in the morning and again when I don’t do it I feel guilty! What the heck? That was not what I was expecting to learn from this experiment. I have also learned that when you’re being consciously tidy, you’re tidy in all aspects of your life. I keep the kitchen cleaner, the common areas cleaner, the bathroom counter cleaner. Again, I guess this was probably an obvious side effect, but also I was not expecting this to be a side effect.

I guess what I have learned the most is that if you put your mind to something you can do anything! Fingers crossed I continue to stay clean and tidy for the rest of the summer! If you have any tips or tricks to staying more organized please let me know!



How to make your desk a sanctuary

Now while my desk may not be “Desk Inspo” yet, I am working on it. Through research into what boost your creativity and productivity I have found a few things to help make your desk feel less blah and more awesome. It’s somewhere where I do my school work, where I work on my blog, and where I chill and surf the magical internet. So here are some things to make your desk feel more like a sanctuary and less like a prison.

DSC_0552 copyDSC_0551 copy

Surround yourself with positive images and memories

Where they are on your desk in magazine and book form, or on your wall through photographs and inspirational posters, keep images that inspire you close. Wallprints are available pretty much anywhere, I love these two from Little and the Middle. Kinfolk is full of beautiful images and inspiration, this book is a compilation of ways to make your home more beautiful, available at The Sunnyside.

A little fire always helps

Sometimes your senses can have more of an impact on your productivity than you think. When you’re feeling stuck in writers block light a candles. There’s no scientific proof behind this, but it always helps me refocus myself. I adore the candles from The Sunnyside they are so potent, available here,  and The Westin’s candle line is sure to make you feel like you’re on vacation, available here.

Green goes a long way


Having a plant as a pet is so rewarding and they make all spaces feel so much more luxurious. These succulents (found here) are small and great to fit on your desk.

Organize, Organize, Organize!

Put your cards, notes, pens, etc close to you on your desk in these cute dishes. Keeping your pens and sticky-notes where they are easily accessible help you stay focused on your work because you won’t be waiting time searching for supplies. And how gorgeous is the H&M home line? This tin and Pineapple candle holder (which can double as a pen holder) are available here.

Building your perfect desk isn’t as hard as you think, it’s merely a matter of keeping things organized, positive, and fun.

What are your tabletop must haves?


Desk Inspiration

I have been trying to organize my desk for what feels like a lifetime now. It’s almost done, which is great, but I wanted to share with you guys some pictures that helped me organize and create a fantastic work space. Scroll through and enjoy! I will be sharing more tips about creating a good work space soon.



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