Happy Belated Birthday, Sailor Moon

This past Saturday, June 30th, was my girl Sailor Moon’s birthday and to celebrate I wanted to do a little something special and share a couple of the things I found most impactful about the show and franchise. Growing up in the 90s I was exposed to a lot of cartoons (little did I know that this young exposure would become a lifelong passion of mine). Looking back at what I watched most religiously I am often inspired by shows like Cyber Six, Pokemon, Gargoyles, and of course Sailor Moon. These cartoons gave me a glimpse into these other worlds that were often a refuge for me. Looking back at everything I watched I remember Sailor Moon being the show that left the biggest impact. It wasn’t just the catchy theme song or the stunning animation, it was the risks the show took and the characters created that really stuck with me.

Sailor Moon really taught me was that you don’t have to be good at everything to save the world. More plainly put: you don’t have to be the best to be a good person, a quality that is perhaps the most important. Sailor Moon, known as Serena while I was a young girl watching the televised dubs and later as Usagi watching the show in its original context with subtitles, is a character that is both badass and hilarious. Apart from fight evil by moonlight Serena/Usagi is pretty much a classic teen: tired, hungry, lazy, not the best at math. She doesn’t necessarily scream “Hey I am here to save the day look at how great I am”. That’s because her strength of character is so much more important. It isn’t her brains or her brawns that make Sailor Moon so inspiring, it’s her heart. She gives a shit about people and about her planet. She is courageous, kind, and thoughtful towards friends and foes alike.  She taught me that you don’t have to be the best, or the smartest, or the most athletic to save the world: all you needed was kindness and a good heart. But she didn’t work alone and the friends she did work with had qualities that made them dynamic and inspiring all on their own. The fact that all the members of the Sailor Scouts had complimentary skills and qualities lead them to be a successful team of fighters and friends was impactful. Being a team unit instead of individuals crusading to save the world alone fostered my love of team work because to me the best and most successful times in your life are often when you’re supporting and being supported by others.

There’s so much more I could say about my love for this franchise, but I want to keep it short and sweet. Sometimes shows we watch as children do not age well, but I feel as though Sailor Moon really does transcend from then to now. If you haven’t watched it I encourage you to give it a try, the franchise just released a reboot series, Sailor Moon Crystal, a couple years ago and it’s really hecking good.

Here’s to you, Usagi! Thank you for being the realest!



It’s all in the details

My mother used to tell me when I was a little girl that less was more. She felt this was necessary to remind me, at age 5, as I piled on dresses, skirts, socks, and pretty much anything I could layer onto my little body. To reinforce this idea that perhaps “simple pictures are best” I remember reading that all the chicest women of France took off one accessory before leaving the house. This concept of being choosy with that I adorn myself with led me to be very detail oriented with my furnishings. It is for this reason that I am in love with Jord wood watches. They are beautifully designed and intricately made, and they have such a charming earthy feel to them that makes these watches truly unique. I really love the Frankie 35 Series (the one I’m wearing) because the face is a little smaller than some of their other collections, and as someone with baby wrists having a smaller face is necessary. The earthy tons of Jord’s watches I find really compliment the winter since it’s such a pale and dull season. The rich and warm colours of their watches bring a little hint of summer to any outfit making it a detail not to be missed. I’m not sure if the simple lesson that less is more was meant by my parents to teach me about accessorizing, but regardless it’s made so easy and chic with these watches! If you’re as obsessed with Jord as I am, check out my giveaway with them! There’s a link at the bottom of this post.


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Foxy Originals Giveaway

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