Welcome to fall

Remember when it was June? And you had that first really warm day and you thought “yeah, I could get used to this”. And then BAM it’s October? You read that right, it is October. Which means it is officially fall, which is just a long way of saying it is time to break out your cold weather uniform! There’s something magical about fall; the crispness in the air, the colours the leaves change, and everything is both beautiful and creepy. There’s also a not so magical side effect of being cold; having brain freeze, being too cold to think about what to do let alone what to wear. This is why I told you get your fall uniform ready. It’s a simple look that you can fall back on when it is too cold to think. Mine is this: Jeans of some sort, turtleneck, my dad’s jean jacket and a scarf.

IMG_9656 IMG_9658 IMG_9667 IMG_9679 IMG_9684 IMG_9690IMG_9694 IMG_9699IMG_9704 IMG_9710 IMG_9712IMG_9716IMG_9750

The Scarf is Aritzia, the turtlencek is Forever21, Jacket is my dad’s, Shoes are Aldo, and the pants are American Apparel.

Photography by the lovely Sophie Barkham!

Hope you all are enjoying October so far!



Mixing fabrics

I’ve got to say one of my favourite things to is to mix fabrics and materials. It adds another texture to outfits. Especially in fall when there is so much colour from the changing leaves and the crispness in the air, it’s a perfect time to try it. Here I’ve pair my leather jacket with a tweed skirt and a light blouse, three different textures but they work so well off one another. Leather (vegan or not) is also amazing in the fall and gives a slight cool toughness to all outfits aka can make your skirt look less girly.


IMG_9388 IMG_9387 IMG_9379IMG_9373 IMG_9368 IMG_9361 IMG_9354 IMG_9350IMG_9336 IMG_9327IMG_9308

The skirt is from Aritzia, so is the blouse, the jacket is from Nasty Gal, Photography by Sophie Barkham

How are you going to try mixing fabrics?



My favourite accessory for fall

And just like that it seems the winds have changed, and now a cooler air has set over Kingston.  This can only mean one thing: Winter is coming. Nooooooooo!  As you wipe away your tears let me tell you about one of my favourite accessories for autumn to see if that helps heal your wounds.

I recently borrowed (stole) my boyfriend’s gorgeous Filson backpack, and I may never give it back. It’s beautifully made with the nicest materials, and it makes going back to class seem not so terrible.

aka I feel hella fancy carrying it around which makes going to an 8:30 am lecture doable. Fancy > everything, right friends?

DSC_0095 copy

DSC_0097 copy DSC_0103 copy DSC_0107 copy DSC_0111 copy DSC_0115 copy DSC_0116 copy

I’ve paired the backpack with a luscious knit turtleneck from Zara and my go to black jeans from American Apparel.

What are you carrying you stuff around in right now?