Surviving rain season

Surprise! It rains a lot here in Vancouver. But just because it rains doesn’t mean you have to look like a waterproof creature! Heck no, friends! One of my favourite things about the fall is that I can wear my big, waterproof boots. They really help to toughen up regularly girly outfits which I love. Whether it’s with dresses, jeans, or culottes, bigger boots are multifunctional enough to yield comfort, water resistance, and style. And there are so many options out on the market now that there really is no reason for you to be walking around with wet socks. I have also found that having a raincoat that has a double zipper has been really helpful. I have zip the bottom half of my jacket up a bit so that walking or sitting on the train during my commute is easier and less restrictive. But, undone jackets are still my favourite.

DSC_1061 copyDSC_1070 copy

I hope you have found these tips helpful, and I hope your feet are no longer soaked from the rain! Remember: there is no shame in being practically dressed for the weather!

much love,


Taking your Summer favourites into Fall: part 3

Welcome to the this and final installation of “Taking your Summer favourites into Fall”! I think the unsung heroes of any successful Fall wardrobe would be denim and turtlenecks! If there is ever a time to dress denim heavy it would definitely unquestionably be in the Fall. Not only is denim pretty cozy, but it contrasts so nicely with the fire coloured leaves. As for turtlenecks, and honestly any collar, they add warmth and a vibe that says I’m warm and cute. Here are two different looks incorporating these ideas that denim and turtlenecks/collars.

DSC_0889 copyDSC_0899 copy

I paired two different denim tones with a rusty red mock-turtleneck here to give a little more of a casual, grungy feel which is so fun to do in Autumn.

DSC_0916 copyDSC_0919 copy

And here I went with a lighter denim jacket over a Fall coloured dress with tights and black boots. It’s just girly enough for me to handle!

I hope these two tips help you extend the life of your clothes further into the year!

Much love,



For the love of coats

Personally I think sweater weather is overrated; it’s all fun and games, but to me the best weather is coat weather. It’s a bit crispier, a little bit cooler, but man, I love draping coats over every outfit. They make me feel classic, timeless, and chic. It makes fall feel way more manageable!


My coat is from Simons, my sweater is from Brandy Melville, my pants are Zara, and my boots are Nine West.

Are you a fan of coat weather, or are you carrying a torch for sweater weather? Let me know in the comments!



Slouchy Mondays

Growing up I never found much comfort in being in sweatpants outside of my house. Because of that I had to find other ways to feel comfy when on days when it was grey and mopey. This quest lead me to my new found love of mom/relaxed jeans. I almost feel like a mermaid because they aren’t super fitted so my legs swim in them. It’s magic. 


My sweater is from brandy Melville and my jeans are from ZARA. 

Hope you all have a happy Monday!



Layering tips for the fall

One of my best tips for fall dressing is one warm sweater in a really good material. This is an investment piece that will keep you warm and also last you for a long time. The one I am wearing is in a really soft wool called merino wool. It’s honestly so cozy and it kept me warm through the coldest days of the winter. Other good materials to look for are cashmere, Persian wool, wool in general, stuff like that.

DSC_9897 copy

DSC_9898 copy DSC_9899 copy DSC_9902 copy DSC_9905 copy DSC_9906 copy

My sweater was knitted for me by my uncle, my blouse is Aritzia, my skirt is Urban Outfitters, and my shoes are Aldo.

Layer yourself up, friends, and remember: a good, warm, well made sweater will last you a lifetime.



My favourite things to do in fall


Hello Autumn! Hello Fall! Hello yellow and orange leaves, and round pumpkins, and apple treats. Everything becomes more and more crisp and crunchy, and with this cool freshness in the air it energizes every moment. So here are some of my favourite things to do in the autumn.


I love going on walks in the fall and seeing all the leaves changing, it’s beautiful! Another thing I love doing is chasing geese since they’re leaving to fly south anyway might as well run through their flock.


Going to a pumpkin patch! You can go on a tracker ride and frolic through hundreds of orange pumpkins finding your best one.10626851_10152341355591770_4817431471148990970_n

And then after you find your perfect pumpkin you get to decorate it! I love painting pumpkins instead of carving them (I’m not good with knives) and it opens your options for decorating to another level.10632692_10152342241761770_8499456012749716190_n

Just embracing the scenery. Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year, and just going for drives and visiting farms to find apples or to do corn mazes is so fun.

Let me know what your favourite things to do in the fall are!