Life after undergrad

I graduated from university with my bachelors of honours in history Thursday and was bombarded with questions like “What next?!” Truth be told, I don’t know what’s next. I don’t even know what I’m doing next week let alone for the rest of my life. Initially I planned on taking the summer off to refocus my energy to help me figure out those important W words of my life: who, where, what, when, why. And until I have an idea of where or at least an idea of what I am hesitant to jump into answering people’s questions about my next step. I don’t think my position is unique either; I’m sure lots of graduates feel the same way. To do more school, to not, to travel Asia, I mean we are all standing on the same cliff looking out on the same hazy horizon, all unsure how exactly to connect point A with point B. Our parents and uncles and aunts will tell us that we will figure it out and it will all make sense, but I feel like this feeling of uncertainty may linger awhile.

So this summer I am just going to focus on me as I try to figure out what exactly I want to do with my future. I mean, if not now when? I really want to keep my creative juices flowing so please enjoy this cool project I did with my dad. 20160603 LVG 02 edited20160603 LVG 04 edited20160603 LVG 08 edited20160603 LVG 17 edited20160603 LVG 26 edited

This was my dress for graduation and it is from Aritzia.

It’s such a weird period in my life, but I’m glad I’m giving myself the time to figure it out.



Winter wonderland

It seems it’s finally winter. Last night we were supposed to have the storm of the year here which includes about 30cm of snow over the next 24 hours. Whether or not it’s actually happening I don’t know, but what I do know is that it’s cold and there’s so much snow now. Basically I’m now hiding in high boots and long, wool coats. Keep your fingers crossed that the snow stops!

DSC_0475 copyDSC_0478 copyDSC_0479 copyDSC_0480 copyDSC_0481 copyDSC_0482 copyDSC_0483 copyDSC_0484 copyDSC_0473 copy

My jacket is from Aritzia, my pants are American Apparel, my shirt in from Forever21

Stay safe, friends!



Long Vests

I adore vests, I think they can add a lot to your look. Not only are they effortlessly chic, they also help to elongate you, aka make you look taller (which for girls my height love). I’ve paired it here with rust coloured pants and a dark floral blouse.The pants helped to pull the colours in the blouse and since it has a black base it really flows well together. I find that when you’re using dramatic clothing it’s best to keep the colour palette simple so not to take away from the overall look.DSC_0091DSC_0095DSC_0089DSC_0085DSC_0097

The blouse is Aritzia, the pants are American Apparel, and the vest is from H&M.



What to wear when it’s going to snow

This just in: It’s winter. Today the weather forecast predicted that it would snow, and there was some snow left over from last night’s frost/snow escapade. Am I resisting quoting GOT? Yes, yes I am. But more importantly, what the heck do you where when it starts getting too cold to think? Hint: it’s what I’ve been telling you all along, knit turtlenecks! You don’t have to wear a scarf with them so that eliminates an extra layer that will hang out of your coat and get covered in snow (ie super cold and wet). It’s warm and has room under for lighter layers if you happen to go into a room with the heat on.


I’ve paired my turtleneck sweater, from Forever21, with my aritzia leather leggings and a long tee shirt under from Lululemon.

Bundle up, friends, it’s gonna get cold.



Dressing for Indian Summers

Yesterday, on November 4th, it was 18’C and sunny. 18’C. What?! How is that even possible in November? I haven’t felt this kind of warmth since August, maybe September, it has been a while! But it was so well received! Everywhere I looked there were exposed legs, light jean jackets, shorts, tank tops, SANDALS (my friend went out in flip flops). It was nuts. To survive the sudden hot spell I wore a dark floral blouse and a cute button up skirt, both in muted colours to match the fall world around us, but I opted for no tights because it was warm enough to not need them which was so glorious.

IMG_0964 IMG_0966 IMG_0973 IMG_0986 IMG_1018 IMG_1030 IMG_1034 IMG_1046

Skirt and shirt from Aritzia, gorgeous photos are by Sophie Barkham

How are you surviving this late summer heat?



Neck scarves

Unless you’ve been living under an Instagram free rock, you’ve probably seen a neck scarf or two. And you’ve probably wondered how they tie it, or how they rock it so easily. I can honestly tell you there are at least 30 tutorials online if you google them or even look them up on pinterest. Pretty much what you do is take a square scarf or bandana that can wrap twice around your neck. Next you fold it into a triangle. After that you fold from the fold towards the point, these folds should be around 2″ wide until you have a little bit of the triangle pointing out from under the fold, then you wrap it around your neck and tuck the little bit of the triangle into your collar (if you want). It’s sort of like a turtleneck’s rebellious sister.

IMG_9506 IMG_9503 IMG_9500 IMG_9482 (1) IMG_9481 IMG_9477 IMG_9457 IMG_9452

The shirt and jacket are from Aritzia, the jeans are Levi’s, the scarf is my mom’s, and the boots are Melia

It’s super easy and adds such an edge to any look!

Are you going to try it?



One of my Go-To pieces

There’s nothing like a jacket that adds that extra something to your look. That one piece that gives you the air of effortless, but also makes your cool factor go up 10 points. For me this is my leather jacket. It’s not the most practical of jackets seeing as it is rather cropped in the back, but I kind of dig that. It’s got some really powerful lines coupled with gorgeous details on the shoulders. It’s really cool, let’s be real. And paired with a floral blouse and plain black jeans toughens up the feminine tones to my look.

DSC_9974 copy DSC_9973 copy DSC_9970 copy DSC_9968 copy DSC_9963 copy DSC_9961 copy DSC_9958 copyThe jacket is Nasty Gal, the blouse Aritzia, the pants American Apparel, the hat Forever 21, and the shoes Aldo

What’s your go to piece?



Do wool coats mean it’s winter?

Verdict: Maybe.

Yesterday it snowed. Yup you read that right, snow: white, fluffy, evil snow. (Only evil because it’s October) I mean common nature, it’s been fall for a month and a half, and now you rip my sweaters away from me and thrust wool coats my way. It’s bitter sweet for me honestly because I do really love my wool coat, but it’s always a little lame when you have to bundle up because it’s freezing out. Oh well, Canada problems.

DSC_9862 copy DSC_9864 copy DSC_9867 copy DSC_9869 copy DSC_9875 copy DSC_9876 copy DSC_9890 copy

My coat is Aritzia, my pants are American apparel, my shirt is Zara, and my shoes are Rob Laver for Adidas

I do love the minimalism of colder days, what about you?



Welcome to fall

Remember when it was June? And you had that first really warm day and you thought “yeah, I could get used to this”. And then BAM it’s October? You read that right, it is October. Which means it is officially fall, which is just a long way of saying it is time to break out your cold weather uniform! There’s something magical about fall; the crispness in the air, the colours the leaves change, and everything is both beautiful and creepy. There’s also a not so magical side effect of being cold; having brain freeze, being too cold to think about what to do let alone what to wear. This is why I told you get your fall uniform ready. It’s a simple look that you can fall back on when it is too cold to think. Mine is this: Jeans of some sort, turtleneck, my dad’s jean jacket and a scarf.

IMG_9656 IMG_9658 IMG_9667 IMG_9679 IMG_9684 IMG_9690IMG_9694 IMG_9699IMG_9704 IMG_9710 IMG_9712IMG_9716IMG_9750

The Scarf is Aritzia, the turtlencek is Forever21, Jacket is my dad’s, Shoes are Aldo, and the pants are American Apparel.

Photography by the lovely Sophie Barkham!

Hope you all are enjoying October so far!