Heat Wave

No joke, friends, yesterday it was 11’C. No one was wearing a coat, it was unreal. It was so gorgeous out that I didn’t even feel like wearing such dark colours. Instead I wore lighter camel pants and a dark floral shirt.  My shirt is from Aritzia and my pants are American Apparel. Love, Lea

Long Vests

I adore vests, I think they can add a lot to your look. Not only are they effortlessly chic, they also help to elongate you, aka make you look taller (which for girls my height love). I’ve paired it here with rust coloured pants and a dark floral blouse.The pants helped to pull the colours […]

Neck scarves

Unless you’ve been living under an Instagram free rock, you’ve probably seen a neck scarf or two. And you’ve probably wondered how they tie it, or how they rock it so easily. I can honestly tell you there are at least 30 tutorials online if you google them or even look them up on pinterest. […]