Passive Acceptance

One of my biggest challenges has been learning to accept that, much as I wish and try and try, I cannot control everything. In fact, all I can really control is my reaction to what happens around me. And because of this, I have been practicing accepting [things as they are and just letting go of the stress of overthinking.] If you know me, you’ve probably had me ask you if we’re okay—I genuinely cannot always tell, and that’s how my anxiety manifests: it tells me everyone is unhappy with me and that I am the reason everything is wrong. Even if that’s true, all I can do is accept that, if there is a problem, it will be brought to my attention.

And so, I passively accept what happens around me. Trains are running late? That’s too bad; I certainly can’t make them faster, so I accept that that’s how it is. I can’t sleep? Some nights that’s just how it is, you always get everything you need to get done regardless of how much sleep you get so instead of stressing about it I passively accept that this is how it is. One of my biggest long-term goals/desires/intentions is to learn how to “chill”.

I have always been a little on edge, and although I’ve gotten a lot better, I still have a few kilometers until I’ve mastered the art of “chill”. You can’t make everyone like you, you can’t make people hire you, and you can’t make the sky green. What you can control is how you approach life and how you handle adversity. You are a gift: never let that be disputed. Likewise, you have the power within you to release the stress and anxiety that doesn’t need to be yours. You attract the energy you provide therefore, if you approach situations with a calm, level mind you’ll be able to receive that information in a calm and level fashion.

New dawn, New day, New post

It’s been awhile since I wrote you last, huh folks? Seems like only 8 months ago that it was January and I was writing to you all stating that I was gonna pick up my keyboard again and let this creative project flourish. And in true Leandra fashion I put it off. This is not a personal judgement, however, it’s simply the truth: I needed time to figure out what I even was passionate about. For years it felt like I was floating out of my body experiencing life second hand. A big part of this was me not being honest to myself and not being myself.  I have been really struggling with what I wanted to write about because what I used to write about, aka fashion, no longer feels like me.

What feels like me is learning how to do things myself, learning how to live cleaner, learning how to fix things while still being the most accident prone human alive. What feels like me is being uncomfortable and trying new things to push myself to be more uncomfortable and empower myself to learn more everyday. What feels like me is seeking a life that is lived lovely

As I approach my three year anniversary living in Vancouver I feel it is now that I come to you refreshed, revitalized, and ready to bring a little joy with every post. To celebrate this renaissance I commissioned my friend Sofia Solis Bautista, @sofiadidit on Instagram, to create me a new logo and I couldn’t be happier with it.  I mean seriously!! It’s gorgeous!!

It’s a new dawn, a new day, and a new intention, friends,  and I’m feeling good.

Much love,