Nothing wrong with little polka dot socks

Sometimes the weather is so gross and grey that I can’t help but feel a little down. To fight this inevitable feeling I try to add one fun element to my outfits. In this case it’s my little nylon polka dot socks. They are the cutest thing to me and whenever I wear them I feel like a fancy circus girl. It’s one little strategy I have to make the rainy days less gross.

DSC_1320 copyDSC_1322 copyDSC_1323 copy

How are you surviving the grey, rainy winter?



It’s super easy wearing green

You know that time (like every time) when I wrote about not wearing colour ever? Well surprise, surprise! I’m here to tell you monochromatic dressing also applies to the same colour. In this case I wore all the same shade of olive green with different textures and patterns to play with the fact that I was head to toe in one colour. I think you could probably do this kind of a look in any colour, but I was really feeling olive green because to me it is basically a neutral tone.

Let me know what you think of dressing in all one colour!



Bell Sleeves: Not Made for Eating

I have been resisting bell and ruffle sleeves for a while now mostly because I thought they looked pretty silly and I thought they would be super unflattering. Turns out in a rare turn of events I was wrong; bell sleeves are super fun. They make me feel fancy without really being fancy.

The sleeves are actually really flattering I find and can be dressed down with jeans or dressed up with a skirt.

The only downside is you probably don’t want to eat in these shirts as those sleeves will betray you and end up in your food.

How do you feel about these crazy sleeves? Let me know!