A Year in Review

This past year was tough. It had amazing highs and pretty devastating lows. I often found myself dumbfounding asking the world “why?” I remember I was driving with a friend and I earnestly said to her “I thought I would have more time”. Her reply has stayed with me and was my biggest lesson in 2017. She told me “You will never have enough time”.

To some I suppose that is a limiting sentence, but I feel otherwise. Everything is a variable in life until you have come to the end of your story and can see it all clearly. While you’re in your journey not everything will make sense, but that does not mean you should just give up and go away on the breeze. It means giving extra hugs to the ones you love most, it means going for it even if you get embarrassed. Knowing that time is  limited should not make you feel limited. Push it as far as you can. Go to the gym and if you skip a day who cares, listen to yourself and your needs.

For you all like me in North America, enjoy your last day of 2017. To all those already in 2018 enjoy the New Year. I hope this year finds you all well.



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