A Year in Review

This past year was tough. It had amazing highs and pretty devastating lows. I often found myself dumbfounding asking the world “why?” I remember I was driving with a friend and I earnestly said to her “I thought I would have more time”. Her reply has stayed with me and was my biggest lesson in 2017. She told me “You will never have enough time”.

To some I suppose that is a limiting sentence, but I feel otherwise. Everything is a variable in life until you have come to the end of your story and can see it all clearly. While you’re in your journey not everything will make sense, but that does not mean you should just give up and go away on the breeze. It means giving extra hugs to the ones you love most, it means going for it even if you get embarrassed. Knowing that time isĀ  limited should not make you feel limited. Push it as far as you can. Go to the gym and if you skip a day who cares, listen to yourself and your needs.

For you all like me in North America, enjoy your last day of 2017. To all those already in 2018 enjoy the New Year. I hope this year finds you all well.



How to wear mesh this holiday season

Mesh is one of my favourite things right now. It adds such an interesting dimension into your. It’s lightweight enough for layering and it provides a dynamic element when used to provide extra coverage. Don’t feel comfortable in spaghetti straps? Mesh top under. Want to wear a slip dress or any summer dress or jumpsuit in winter? Mesh top under. It’s so versatile so why not adapt it for the holidays?

The first way I use mesh in under a velvet slip dress with tights and heeled boots. I really love this look because for me I get to play with wearing a more fun dress without feeling too revealing. I also feel like the mesh turtleneck adds a level of grunge to this look which is something I am super into right now. I don’t really take myself too seriously so for this look, or any for that matter, I would throw my beloved Christmas cardigan on top for laughs and because it’s December and it’s cold. To complete the more edgy look I really recommend using boots that have some hardware on them or some metal elements.

The second way I use mesh is with a looser, white mesh mock turtle. I find this style of mesh has a more fishnet kind of feel which is really fun to play with. You can wear it over a white cami, but I just wore it over a white bralette. To offset the bareness of the mesh I paired it with fuller wide leg dress pants and some very classic beige pumps. I am really into mixing really classic and classy elements with grungier or edgy pieces because I really love the contrast it creates. You could throw that Christmas cardigan over this look as well because again it is still December and it is still cold!

I hope these tips helped you with your up coming holiday plans, and realistically if these looks fail there is always the holiday onesie!



An ode to the Groutfit

The beloved “Groutfit”, or a grey-outfit for those who don’t know, is a staple in my wardrobe and it could become a staple in yours too. Grey on grey doesn’t have to be boring or dull if you do it the right way and the right way involves a lot of tones. If you dress in tonal shades of grey you can add a lot of depth to an outfit. You can also add different textures which add such a great layer to a look. Here I have leather,denim, knit, lace, and wool all mixed together in all different tones of grey. You don’t have to fear grey, you can love grey and wear it in clever and unique ways.

DSC_1089 copyDSC_1092 copy

Long live the groutfit!