The perks of learning your colours

And no I don’t mean ROY-G-BIV, I mean the colours you look best in. Fashion is fun and means you can wear anything that makes you feel good, but if you’re looking to get pieces that you can use to build your forever wardrobe then you should probably know what colours you look good in. Everyone has at least one colour that they look bomb in and everyone has at least one colour they look awful in. For me it’s mustard/dull gold and emerald green. They make me look seriously gross so I stay away from them. But I look great in a dusty rose, in warm caramel, and in pinks, purples, and blues. Figuring out your colours has to do with many factors: your skin tone, if you have pink or yellow undertones, the colour of your hair and eyes also influence what you’ll look best in. But knowing your colours can help you make sure you always look your best.

The easiest way, and the most common way of identifying your colous is by season so I’ve found some great swatches to show you what each season looks like to help you figure out what your colours are. Now you don’t have to love all the options nor do you have to wear them, but it’s an easy system for remembering and could come in handy when you’re investing in some more substantial pieces.



Winters are typically those who look better in jewel tones and cooler tones, think Christmas trees dressed up with gems. Winter is a darker time with a smaller portion of the day with sun, so anything that touches sun is extra rich to make the sunshine count. People who are winters look great in these darker colours, but also look great in rich crimson, and luscious violet, and deep green.



Springs are those who look best in pastels and lighter, softer colours. Similar to Easter colours, those who are springs are usually those who look best in colours that look fresh, like fresh buds on trees, early tulips and light daffodils. Colours that are a little muted, not in a faded way, just in an early way if that makes sense.



Summers are those who look best in bright, saturated colours. This swatch I found doesn’t really do it justice. Think fresh cut grass, watermelon, beach towels, deep water, and wild flowers. Everything that makes you think of hot, sunny places.



Autumns look best in rich colour, like those you would see in a dying farmer’s field or on a crisp fall drive. People who look best in Autumn colours, like burgundy, camel, and olive green, tend to look the best pictured in a field of wheat or in a pumpkin patch. Their colours are those of the start of hibernation, of the end of summer, and of the start of a new beginning (first day of school anyone?).

If you need more inspiration try looking up seasonal colour palettes on pinterest! That’s where I found these beauties!

Personally I am a mix between autumn and winter. It’s not a perfect science, but it is a classic method for figuring out what looks best on you!

Let me know what you think below!



A Lovely Gift Guide

It’s that time of year, and although I might be a bit late to gift guide sharing game, from the urging of friends and family I decided to share my own. Gifts I like are usual more practical things that I feel I need in real life, not just cute fun things I will use once and never touch again. With that being said here’s my round up!


First of all I already own a Kylie LipKit from last year and I love it. The formula is really good and her colours are really interesting so as a gift to myself I’ve already ordered a couple colours because whatever, life is too short for boring lips.

Another thing I’ve been lusting after are some fun shoes I can wear on nights out, like these Steve Madden pink sandals or these Athena Alexander mules for the summer, or these Steve Madden pink velvet boots or these Marc Fisher wine boots for the winter, I think they are a fun thing to add into my wardrobe that I will use for a long time.

I have a small leather purse that was my mom’s that I have been using and having slowly been killing it so I would love to replace it. AW by Andrea Wong is a local designer here in Vancouver and her purses are beautiful. And I love supporting local Canadians.

Pajamas are a always a classic Christmas gift and I wear them every night so throwing in a new sleeping shirt or matching set would be swell!

I have seen a lot about eyelash extensions and I’m itching to try them out for myself so I’ve included them in my guide because I think they’re an interesting and unique gift. And I mean if I can avoid wearing makeup some days that would be sweet.

It rains a lot here in Vancouver and the locals wear Blundstones, I’ve heard they’re awesome and waterproof so again I feel as if this is really practical to my life and an item that will last me a long time.

Finally, I am in love with Jord’s wooden watches. They are stunning. I’ve been lusting after this Frankie 35 series one, fingers crossed friends. Anyone who knows me knows I always have a watch on and always know what time it is, so having a beautiful and unique watch like Jord’s on my arm would make an excellent gift.


That’s pretty much what I’m asking Santa for this year! What’s on your list?