One White Shirt Three Ways

There is no one piece that is more versatile in a woman’s closet than a white button up shirt, but often times I find that it is also the most over looked piece. To the untrained eye a white button up can appear to just be a simple, classic shirt you wear to work. I want to argue that this is untrue; a white button up can be worn for almost any occasion which can make it feel fun, fresh, and funky depending on what mood you’re in and what style you’re going for.

Off Duty

If you’re out to get breakfast with some pals, or running some errands, having an off duty go to always makes you feel chic. I love pairing items that appear more dressy with those that are more casual, that’s why I love this button up with slouchy jeans and sneakers. Throw on a suede jacket to keep you warm and you’re ready for brunch, groceries, or the mall.



 I feel like you always need a more formal options with any of these compilation posts because you never know when you’ll need an outfit for meeting your partner’s parents or getting drinks with your friends. It’s not secret that skirts and blouses are a classic pairing, but to give it a more fun edge throw a little bold jacket on top to create some intrigue. 


 And of course I need a classic, minimal option since this is probably the closest to what I consider my style. Long jackets, or a boyfriend style blazer on top of a white blouse and skinnier creates a really nice line and will make you feel so fancy (truth be told these long coats make me feel like I’m wearing a witches cloak I love it). 

These are only a few options for you. There are endless possibilities for wearing a white blouse which is why I think they are so important for anyone’s wardrobe. 

How do you want to try wearing it?



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