The truth about detoxing

Recently I was approached by a company that wanted me to review one of their detoxing teas which is essentially a tea blend that claims to clean your body. Now, let’s have a little chat about what that really means: the trendy version of detoxing these days is a day time tea blend containing herbs that suppress your appetite and nighttime tea blends that are based mainly on senna. If you aren’t familiar with senna it is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, natural laxative. For those of you lucky enough to not know what a laxative is or have never experienced one let me just tell you it’s quite extreme. It essentially flushes out your intestinal track. To do that to your body either every night or every other night would be devastating to your system. It also would yield short term results and cause possible long term medical issues (i.e. not being able to use your bowels properly from a reliance on senna which would be awful, or worse developing a form of IBS). Basically using these magic 14, 24, 30, etc day long cleanses, who use already fit and skinny models to promote their products, you won’t get lasting debloating and weight loss results. If you want to lose weight and feel less bloated then you need to change your lifestyle, and you can’t expect results over a short period of time. If you want to feel more regular and are searching for ways to kick start you on this journey to feeling like a temple then keep reading. These are a few things that I do as my own natural form of detoxing and keeping my body feeling energized and awesome.

  1. Lemon Juice

Every morning I start my day off with have a lemon squeezed into a cup of hot water. I have seriously noticed how this simple task really energizes me and it really gets my system awake. When you first break your fast from sleeping it can be hard for your body to absorb water right away, so if you start with lemon juice the sugars will be more easily absorbed and then any water drunk after will also actually be used to help hydrate you.

2.  Kale

Kale is great. It is packed with vitamins AND is great if you’re feeling blocked. Healthy colon, healthy life. So maybe this is cheating, but I often blend my kale because eating it raw is a little tough. For me I blend it with apples, spinach, avocado, pinapple and coconut water. It’s great and creamy, and I find that kale is a natural way to keep you moving and grooving.

3. Sweat


You wanna know a great way to detox? Sweat. Go for a run or a walk or dance or anything that gets you dripping. It will give you a glow, push toxins out of your pores, and help keep you regular.

Your body is a magical thing and will take care of its own detoxing. Your guts know what they are doing, but if you feel stuck or want to feel more like a goddess than try these tips. The best way to really feel your best is honestly to just take care of yourself, sleep regularly, drink lots of water, and eat your vegetables. Gosh I sound like my parents.

Let me know if you have any different tips for detoxing in the comments!


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