Dog Days of Summer Inspiration

Welcome to the end of July and the start of August aka where the real summer heat starts to kick in. This is what is called the “Dog Days” which basically means that you can see the constellation Sirius in the sky (the dog star) and it historically always signified the hottest, most humid time of the summer. So with that in mind I have made a little collage of heat survival inspiration, a wishlist if you will, that will help you keep cool, calm, and collected with Sirius reigns over us.
Rosegal Wishlist


From bottom to top going counter clockwise we have: Red dressDenim shorts,  Romper,  One piece swimsuit,  One piece swimsuit, Golden sunglasses,  Aviator sunglasses. These are all available on which is a great option for affordable and trendy clothes.
Pretty much what I think anyone would need while it’s stinking hot outside are some super fun full piece swimsuits because they double as bodysuits that can be worn under shorts and skirts, and to me full pieces have a romantic and classic vibe to them. You will also need some light weight, throw on rompers and dresses because, let’s face it, when it’s hot out I can barely think and will grab anything that is nearby to wear. Pieces with patterns on them make them stand alone better making your job accessorizing way easier because you can just throw on and go. Finally you will always need sunnies, because eye health is important, and because they’re cool. I personally am loving super reflective and lighter coloured glasses right now and it’s summer, why not try them out since they are totally necessary.
What are you vibing on to help you survive the long, hot dog days?

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