My Break Up with Skinny Jeans

Don’t get me wrong, I do love skinny jeans and I probably will always love skinny jeans, but it’s time I saw other pants, you know? It was time I started seeing what else was out there pant wise. My break up started slowly, I started realizing my eyes were wandering and noticing other styles: Mom jeans, Boyfriend style, crops, flares, girlfriend, none-denim options, the list is endless. I realized enough was enough and that I needed to fold my skinnies and leave them in the drawer. To be honest, we are still in an open relationship and I do see them from time to time, but I have decided to not be exclusive with any other pants. At least for now that is.

DSC_0547 copyDSC_0557 copyDSC_0559 copy

These pants are actually an old pair of my mom’s, but I have found a couple other styles for you to try that aren’t the basic skinny jean. Ladies, men, it is time to branch out and try new legwear!

Now I mostly am vibing on pants that are loose all over like the botton two (the beige bow belted pair is from Showpo and the striped crops are from Subdued), but denim options like the white flares (from StyleWe) and the mom jeans (from Zara) are also good options. And if you really feel like trying something new, a pair of pin stripped culottes are the most fun option (the ones pictured are from Dezzal).

Which pants are you feeling right now?


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