Summer Brights 

The most important thing in the summer is probably not getting heat stroke. Now you may say there are more important things, but at least for me there is nothing worse than being too warm. And there is almost no escape for this curse of heat unless you spend all summer in a body of water you’re probably melting like the rest of us. Which brings me back to my original point: overheating in the summer is the pits. But, there’s always a but, there’s an easy way to combat it (or at least to trick yourself into thinking ours fighting it) and that’s by wearing lighter colours and whites. White reflects sun and lighter colours tend to do this too , the sun bounces back off and keeps you a little cooler. Now, maybe we should google my logic, but I’m pretty sure this is the most of my grade 2 science I will ever use in the practical world so let’s hope it’s true. 

DSC_0524 copyDSC_0525 copyDSC_0528 copyDSC_0531 copyDSC_0532 copy

My shorts are from ZARA, my belt is Asos, and my shirt is from Brandy Melville (and my once seen boots are a bad choice for summer but they are from Nine West)

You can also hydrate I guess, but you can’t wear water. Yet. 

How are you keeping cool?


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