Zaful Swimsuit Review

I have been seeing a lot of buzz on the internet about Zaful swimsuits so when they reach out I was more than thrilled to do a review for them. To be honest, before I picked my suit I really did not know a lot about the company, but after some research I found out that the website holds a lot more than just banging bathers, it also hosts a wide variety of clothing and accessories too. I used express shipping so my suit got to me pretty quickly which I have read usually does take some time and is a complaint from other shoppers. Sometimes those extra few dollars for express shipping are worth it. Anyways, I ordered a white full piece to really test them since white can usually be see through. Luckily, this bather is not. It’s actually really well made with really soft, durable material. I was nervous getting a one piece because they didn’t offer girth measurements in their size charts so on a whim I ordered a medium based more off of waist size. The girth is a little bit of a stretch, but not that bad and will be perfect in the water (swimsuits usually stretch a bit once wet in water) so I’m not too concerned.

Here’s the link to shop my bather.

So my verdict is that if you’re looking for cheap swimwear that will actually not fall apart check them out! Just do be wary of the fact that buying things online can be tricky so really check the sizing guide! But for me, Zaful was a great experience and a website I really recommend!

Share with me your experiences with Zaful if you have any in the comments!



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