Cerine Jewelry Review


I really love jewelry that is unique: pieces that are compelling because of their differences. When it comes to rings I either wear heirlooms that I probably shouldn’t be wearing on a day to day basis and sleek, modern pieces. This ring from Cerine fits both of these check boxes. Their “petal” ring is really, really beautiful and I have received many compliments on it already. The other day while I was at the bank, the clerk complimented it saying it was so elegant and really cool. Hear that future children? I’m cool.

There are few things I love more than simple, modern cuts and classic lines. I adore mixing passed down lessons with innovations of today. And because of this I am beyond excited about Cerine and the jewelry they make. They are a Toronto based company, which I love because go Canada, but also because I genuinely love the quality of their work. The love of jewelry was passed down generation to generation and eventually evolved into Cerine today. Their jewelry mixes these passed generations’ standard in quality and precision, but with a focus towards a more modern style and design. Their process for making jewelry is also quite modern: instead of their gold-making roots, Cerine today uses 3D software to help create their design. It’s an effortless mix of old and new that creates something unique.

Upon receiving my beautiful “petal” ring I was truly struck by its’ simplicity. I’m a minimalist and I am not super fond of wearing chunky and clunky jewelry so for me this ring is perfect. I really loved their packaging and the presentation of their products, and we all know how much I love good packaging. I really recommend Cerine to anyone who is looking for their new, timeless staple.

DSC_0261 copy

DSC_0212 copyDSC_0219 copy

DSC_0358 copy.jpg

I’m wearing their petal ring in sterling silver (available here).

To learn more about Cerine and their products check out their website here!

How do you feel about this ring?


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