Dressing up my wardrobe

I’m not sure when it happened, perhaps subconsciously while watching old movies or maybe because I’ve always felt more comfortable in the past than I am in the present, but at some point in my life I started to drift towards more classic pieces. By classic I guess I mean pieces that remind me of 40s and 50s style menswear (think my beloved Humphrey Bogart). The thing with pieces that are more classic is that they are intrinsically more dressed up: they’re classier, fancier, and more mature than other pieces in my wardrobe. Maybe I’m just an *~adult~* now or whatever, but I really have been inspired by these more dressed up, classic pieces and I have been actively trying to *~adult~* up my wardrobe. To help me with this processDezzal recently sent me a couple items. They’re a really cool online store that has a lot of more grown up pieces. Usually I find that online stores are much younger in the styles they sell and more trendy whereas Dezzal focuses more on elegance with a side of mature edginess which I find really interesting and compelling.

DSC_0366 copyDSC_0370 copyDSC_0371 copyDSC_0373 copyDSC_0375 copyDSC_0376 copy


My red patterned blouse and striped culottes are both from Dezzal.


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