Foxy Originals Giveaway

So remember earlier this week when I said I would give you guys my own style of #SummerSurprises and I hope an earring giveaway sponsored by Foxy Originals! For this giveaway you can win either the Moon and Star studs or the Haven studs, both featured in my previous review. 

To enter all you have to do is click the Rafflecopter link below. I am clearly not as good with the Internet as I thought I was so I hope I did it right. Regardless all you need to do is follow me on Instagram ( and follow Foxy Originals on Instagram ( and then comment on this post when you’ve done all of these with your Instagram handle and an email we can reach you at (hopefully through the Rafflecopter) with your choice of either the moon and star earrings or the haven ones! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fingers crossed this Rafflecopter works! Good luck guys! The contest ends next week!



Dog Days of Summer Inspiration

Welcome to the end of July and the start of August aka where the real summer heat starts to kick in. This is what is called the “Dog Days” which basically means that you can see the constellation Sirius in the sky (the dog star) and it historically always signified the hottest, most humid time of the summer. So with that in mind I have made a little collage of heat survival inspiration, a wishlist if you will, that will help you keep cool, calm, and collected with Sirius reigns over us.
Rosegal Wishlist


From bottom to top going counter clockwise we have: Red dressDenim shorts,  Romper,  One piece swimsuit,  One piece swimsuit, Golden sunglasses,  Aviator sunglasses. These are all available on which is a great option for affordable and trendy clothes.
Pretty much what I think anyone would need while it’s stinking hot outside are some super fun full piece swimsuits because they double as bodysuits that can be worn under shorts and skirts, and to me full pieces have a romantic and classic vibe to them. You will also need some light weight, throw on rompers and dresses because, let’s face it, when it’s hot out I can barely think and will grab anything that is nearby to wear. Pieces with patterns on them make them stand alone better making your job accessorizing way easier because you can just throw on and go. Finally you will always need sunnies, because eye health is important, and because they’re cool. I personally am loving super reflective and lighter coloured glasses right now and it’s summer, why not try them out since they are totally necessary.
What are you vibing on to help you survive the long, hot dog days?

My Break Up with Skinny Jeans

Don’t get me wrong, I do love skinny jeans and I probably will always love skinny jeans, but it’s time I saw other pants, you know? It was time I started seeing what else was out there pant wise. My break up started slowly, I started realizing my eyes were wandering and noticing other styles: Mom jeans, Boyfriend style, crops, flares, girlfriend, none-denim options, the list is endless. I realized enough was enough and that I needed to fold my skinnies and leave them in the drawer. To be honest, we are still in an open relationship and I do see them from time to time, but I have decided to not be exclusive with any other pants. At least for now that is.

DSC_0547 copyDSC_0557 copyDSC_0559 copy

These pants are actually an old pair of my mom’s, but I have found a couple other styles for you to try that aren’t the basic skinny jean. Ladies, men, it is time to branch out and try new legwear!

Now I mostly am vibing on pants that are loose all over like the botton two (the beige bow belted pair is from Showpo and the striped crops are from Subdued), but denim options like the white flares (from StyleWe) and the mom jeans (from Zara) are also good options. And if you really feel like trying something new, a pair of pin stripped culottes are the most fun option (the ones pictured are from Dezzal).

Which pants are you feeling right now?


Foxy Originals Jewelry

I love jewelry. I don’t think anyone who reads this blog can dispute that. I also love supporting and promoting Canadian brands and companies, so when Foxy Originals got in touch with me I was ecstatic. They honestly make some of my favourite jewelry. Their whole collection is really upbeat, fun, and beautiful. They keep up with trends, but also create pieces that are unique to them.

I got to test out their Haven gold studs (they’re the ones that are diamond shape with white detailing) and also their Moon and Star studs in silver which really made my celestial dreams come true. These earrings are seriously DREAMY! And in keeping with my fave Jenner #SummerSurprises are yet to come! Check back later this week for a super fun surprise.

Are you loving Foxy Originals’ studs or what?! Let me know in the comments!



Summer Brights 

The most important thing in the summer is probably not getting heat stroke. Now you may say there are more important things, but at least for me there is nothing worse than being too warm. And there is almost no escape for this curse of heat unless you spend all summer in a body of water you’re probably melting like the rest of us. Which brings me back to my original point: overheating in the summer is the pits. But, there’s always a but, there’s an easy way to combat it (or at least to trick yourself into thinking ours fighting it) and that’s by wearing lighter colours and whites. White reflects sun and lighter colours tend to do this too , the sun bounces back off and keeps you a little cooler. Now, maybe we should google my logic, but I’m pretty sure this is the most of my grade 2 science I will ever use in the practical world so let’s hope it’s true. 

DSC_0524 copyDSC_0525 copyDSC_0528 copyDSC_0531 copyDSC_0532 copy

My shorts are from ZARA, my belt is Asos, and my shirt is from Brandy Melville (and my once seen boots are a bad choice for summer but they are from Nine West)

You can also hydrate I guess, but you can’t wear water. Yet. 

How are you keeping cool?


My favourite style trick

I cannot stress enough how much I love mixing styles. I love that this off the shoulder shirt has such a boho vibe to it and paired with really structured, preppy shorts I find that the two styles really play off one another to create something new. It’s the same idea as when someone pairs a floral camisole with a biker jacket: something about the juxtaposition of two different styles makes any look more interesting.

DSC_0337 copyDSC_0336 copyDSC_0330 copy

My shirt is from Shein, my shorts are from Zara, and my sandals are from Steve Madden.

How do you feel about this style trick?



That backpack trend

When I was a little girl my mom bought my sister and I matching fake leather backpacks as a suto-entry level purse thing. And obviously as I got older everything I had as a kid was no longer something I liked because you know pre-teens and such. But recently I have been really vibing on the backpacks as fashion bags trend going on. I am not one who usually goes for trends, but I have got to say backpacks are crazy comfortable. I have a really tight back and with a backpack it’s a really great option to not be in discomfort, which is great.

DSC_0463 copyDSC_0470 copyDSC_0472 copy

My shirt is from Zaful, my shorts are from Zara (similar ones here), my backpack was a gift with no tags so I honestly have no idea who or where it’s from, but you can shop my favourites below!

From left to right you have the Herschel Supply Co. “City” backpack, Sole Society “Kylie” backpack, and Sole Society’s “Mini Sadie” backpack (All under $100 at Nordstrom).


What do you think about the trend? Let me know!


Zaful Swimsuit Review

I have been seeing a lot of buzz on the internet about Zaful swimsuits so when they reach out I was more than thrilled to do a review for them. To be honest, before I picked my suit I really did not know a lot about the company, but after some research I found out that the website holds a lot more than just banging bathers, it also hosts a wide variety of clothing and accessories too. I used express shipping so my suit got to me pretty quickly which I have read usually does take some time and is a complaint from other shoppers. Sometimes those extra few dollars for express shipping are worth it. Anyways, I ordered a white full piece to really test them since white can usually be see through. Luckily, this bather is not. It’s actually really well made with really soft, durable material. I was nervous getting a one piece because they didn’t offer girth measurements in their size charts so on a whim I ordered a medium based more off of waist size. The girth is a little bit of a stretch, but not that bad and will be perfect in the water (swimsuits usually stretch a bit once wet in water) so I’m not too concerned.

Here’s the link to shop my bather.

So my verdict is that if you’re looking for cheap swimwear that will actually not fall apart check them out! Just do be wary of the fact that buying things online can be tricky so really check the sizing guide! But for me, Zaful was a great experience and a website I really recommend!

Share with me your experiences with Zaful if you have any in the comments!



Summer Boho Inspiration

Much as I try to be edgy and dark in the summer, it’s impossible because at heart I am a flowy, flauncy, princess girl. I love lace, ruffles, and anything that makes me feel fancy. I find that the off the shoulder blouse really gives me that flancy, boho princess feel and I am beyond obsessed with them. I love pairing it with more tailored and structured shorts because it gives a lovely contrast between the flowing off the shoulder top and bottoms that have shape and structure to them.

DSC_0434 copyDSC_0437 copyDSC_0445 copy

And because everyone loves a little inspo, here are a few other off the shoulder and super boho babe tops. So take a look, get inspired! Here is my top and my other faves I’ve been lusting after!

  1. Blue Denim, 2. Striped, 3. Burgundy (the one I’m wearing), 4. Navy Striped, 5. Black, 6. Pink

How are you feeling about being boho in the summer?



Closet Essentials and Gamiss

I personally believe that a v-neck sweater can do wonders for one’s closet. They are surprisingly more versatile than other less v-necky sweaters (I’m talking about you crew necks) and they give a look a little bit of a sexy nudge. I mean, v-necks in general can be super hot, well at least hotter than some crew necks.

I found this v-neck sweater from an online store called Gamiss and it’s pretty cool. Similar to the Romwe’s and Tobi’s of the interwebs, Gamiss offers trendy products at really affordable prices. But with any online store I do urge you to really look at the sizing guide and the material the product you’re after is made of, because those can make a huge difference. Luckily this sweater was in a wool blend which is so super cozy on those cooler days of the summer.

DSC_0449 copyDSC_0454 copyDSC_0456 copy

To view this sweater on their site go here!