Casual Tuesdays

I used to think the only way I could stay cool in the summer was to wear items that expose more skin so that you have less to get warm from clothes. But, I have actually found that there is a certain amount of joy in wearing flowy, looser fitting tops to beat the heat. There is really nothing I dislike more than the sensation of feeling sweat on your back while wearing tight clothing because you know everyone knows you’re melting. But flowy tops, like this sleeveless blouse, don’t touch my back so no one knows how warm I really am. And I find I actually stay cooler, something about having nothing touching me helps the air circulate better? Maybe? I haven’t done the science behind this, but it has been a magical discovery on my part.

DSC_0203 copyDSC_0205 copyDSC_0208 copyDSC_0219 copy

How do you stay cool in the summer?


4 thoughts on “Casual Tuesdays”

  1. Simple and cute outfit. It’s always summer in my part of the World (Nigeria), so I just wear whatever the heck I want and hope for the best. 😂


    1. It’s like hot for 3 or 4 months here where I am in Canada and then it gets cold so I always feel like I need to wear every crop top I own in that short amount of time haha man I cannot imagine what heat is like year round!

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