My Favourite Summer Fabrics

Like any Canadian I am fickle when it comes to my admiration of any given season. I love winter until there’s snow up to my armpits and the temperatures plummet to -40’C. And I adore summer until I’m trapped in the oven that is June-July-August where it’s so hot I can’t even think. I mean maybe it’s just me, but I would like to think it’s a Canadian trait to complain aboot the weather.

Regardless of how I feel about the weather I still have to participate in life in it which thus turns me towards my closet where I attempt to find fabrics that won’t make me feel like I’m swaddled in sweat. My main go-to’s are silk and cotton. Now, silk might now be the best at breathability, but it is so thin that it’s like you’re not wearing clothes. And cotton is the breathable fabric of the world! An added bonus is if anything is made with a little elastic so it stretches with you while you’re melting into the sidewalk.

DSC_0182 copyDSC_0186 copyDSC_0187 copyDSC_0191 copy

What are you wearing to prevent yourself from melting this season?



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