My Summer Wishlist

This season I really want to challenge normal summer norms like light and flowy fabrics, and outfits favouring a lighter coloured palette. I really love the idea of leather and blacks in the summer the same way I like florals and whites in the winter: I enjoy the contrast with typical conceptions of season appropriate dressing. And I’m difficult so there. I compiled a list of items (all from SheIn by the way) that I feel really capture this harder look that mix a little bit of punk with my love of classic lines and styles, alone with some really fun pieces that together create my ideal summer wardrobe. And since they’re from SheIn they’re super friken afforable, which is always an added bonus for us poor (ex)students.

shein wishlist

From top left clockwise around these are:

Black Tee, Grey Tee, Black Graphic Halter, Rose Knit, Faux Leather Sheath Skirt, Black Structured Skort, Black Faux Leather Structured Backpack, White Sneakers, Black Faux Leather Strappy Backpack, Black Faux Leather Booties, Pink Patterned Skirt, Black High-Rise Shorts.

To me these are all really versatile and easily coordinated into other seasons. Together they would make countless effortlessly cool combos which will definitely give anyone a super fun look for the summer (and beyond!)

What’s on your summer wishlist?


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