Life after undergrad

I graduated from university with my bachelors of honours in history Thursday and was bombarded with questions like “What next?!” Truth be told, I don’t know what’s next. I don’t even know what I’m doing next week let alone for the rest of my life. Initially I planned on taking the summer off to refocus my energy to help me figure out those important W words of my life: who, where, what, when, why. And until I have an idea of where or at least an idea of what I am hesitant to jump into answering people’s questions about my next step. I don’t think my position is unique either; I’m sure lots of graduates feel the same way. To do more school, to not, to travel Asia, I mean we are all standing on the same cliff looking out on the same hazy horizon, all unsure how exactly to connect point A with point B. Our parents and uncles and aunts will tell us that we will figure it out and it will all make sense, but I feel like this feeling of uncertainty may linger awhile.

So this summer I am just going to focus on me as I try to figure out what exactly I want to do with my future. I mean, if not now when? I really want to keep my creative juices flowing so please enjoy this cool project I did with my dad. 20160603 LVG 02 edited20160603 LVG 04 edited20160603 LVG 08 edited20160603 LVG 17 edited20160603 LVG 26 edited

This was my dress for graduation and it is from Aritzia.

It’s such a weird period in my life, but I’m glad I’m giving myself the time to figure it out.



4 thoughts on “Life after undergrad”

  1. Ah I love this so much, I can barely express it. I just graduated from high school, so a bit different, but I can definitely relate to that scary feeling of realization that the future is sorta unknown. But you’re right, this is the best time to focus on you and be creative! Also your blog header is adorable. I’ve been reading through your posts and you’re so honest and funny. You seem like someone I’d like to be friends with, not gonna lie. 🙂
    Julia ||
    p.s I nominated you for a Liebster award if you’re interested


    1. Oh my goodness Julia! What kind words! Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the nomination, I will check it out! If you’re ever in Ontario (Canada) let me know! We will get coffee.


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