Sustainability and H&M

There’s a lot to love about H&M and especially because it provides clothes for people of all tax brackets. The clothes at H&M are really affordable, and if you shop right, you can find pieces that will last you years. These shorts for example: I purchased them in 2011 and by some miracle they still fit! I picked a style that I knew would stand the test of time instead of going for something hyper trendy that I would wear for a season and then never touch it again.

But with all the buzz circulating about Fast Fashion and about if clothing companies catering better prices could in fact be sustainable I knew I had to do my own research.

What I found about H&M and their sustainability is that they are trying. In the past year (2015) H&M collected over 12,000 textile waste from stores and over 1.3 pieces were made with closed loop material which was about a 300% increase from 2014. Closed loop by the way just means they are not getting new materials, they are using what the already have. They have also been focusing on making their store, offices and warehouses more environmentally conscious by using renewable energy and lowering CO2 emissions. They have also introduced another environmentally conscious line available in stores. 

The company is part of the Fair Living Wage Strategy by the Fair Wage Method that does their part to establish good pay structures as well as making avenues for workers to negotiate their wages fairly.

So what I learned was that there is still a long way to go to create sustainable fashion that is available on an easy to access field. But H&M is taking important steps towards this goal. I think with anything you see on the news it is important to do your own research too so that you can make your own opinion based on a wider variety of information. 

DSC_0468 copyDSC_0469 copy

So you can love fashion and the Earth! To all my fashion friends out there; be a better consumer. Think before you buy! Get things you will use, love, and wear for a long time. Learn about Fast Fashion and other issues and support manufacturers who are trying to do something about it. 

Both my shorts and shirt are from H&M.

To learn more you can check out H&M’s website, they have a whole section on their sustainability. Other than that the most useful article I found was on Triple Pundit.

Whatever you chose to do, and wherever you chose to shop remember to be a smart consumer!





7 thoughts on “Sustainability and H&M”

  1. After I watched the Fast Fashion documentary my entire mindset changed. I think it’s so important that we all go through this wake up call and make sure to be conscious of the environment but also the people who work hard to make the clothes we love! Thanks for providing this information about H&M. It’s so important to understand that change happens by a series of small steps, and that we should support the companies that can admit they are not perfect while they try to be better.


  2. In the past few months my entire way of looking at the clothing industry has changed. I’m really trying to be more conscious about the environment while being aware that real people make the clothes I love. I love that you included all this information about the steps H&M is taking to be a better company. I think it’s so important to understand that change happens in a series of small steps and that we should value the companies that can admit their faults and make an effort to be better.
    xo, Rowan |


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