What I learned from being tidy for a week

How funny is that title? I am not a tidy person. I am many positive things, but cleanliness is not a virtue I possess. And one place I’m exceptionally messy is in my room. My bedroom is generally a disaster. I have been told that one’s room reflects their inner being, so many if I keep my room clean then it could work in reverse you know? Maybe if I keep my room clean then my mind will be clear too? Worth a shot.

Initially moving back home after finishing university is tough and not for the reasons you’re probably thinking. Yes it can be difficult to adjust to your parents’ schedule, but you also come back with SO. MUCH. STUFF. So much. And my primary storing place for all this stuff was my room. So obviously I had to clean my room. And once it was clean I proudly told my boyfriend to which he responded “Oh yeah? How long will that last?” SO RUDE RIGHT?! But, it was true. Every time in the past when I would clean my room it would be messy again the very next day, so I took his words as fuel for my cleaning fire! This time would be different! This time I would be clean forever!

So pretty much this past week I have been making an effort to keep my room cleaner than usual and this entails making my bed every morning, returning dishes and glasses to the kitchen, and putting my clothes and jewelry away. What I’ve learned is that it is both tedious and addictive to be tidy. Every morning when I wake up and get ready to go downstairs I look at my bed and sigh, but I make it anyway. And a weird thing is that one day I didn’t make it until after breakfast because I was so tired when I woke up I couldn’t bare the thought of making it then and there, but during breakfast I felt so guilty about not making it. I mean, why challenge myself to be tidy to ignore and give up on the goal of becoming a cleaner person? I put my clothes away either at night or in the morning and again when I don’t do it I feel guilty! What the heck? That was not what I was expecting to learn from this experiment. I have also learned that when you’re being consciously tidy, you’re tidy in all aspects of your life. I keep the kitchen cleaner, the common areas cleaner, the bathroom counter cleaner. Again, I guess this was probably an obvious side effect, but also I was not expecting this to be a side effect.

I guess what I have learned the most is that if you put your mind to something you can do anything! Fingers crossed I continue to stay clean and tidy for the rest of the summer! If you have any tips or tricks to staying more organized please let me know!



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