How to style structured shorts

More and more I find myself loving a good pair of structured shorts instead of ones that are distressed. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and therefore I am becoming an “adult” or maybe it’s because they remind me more of menswear and classic lines. Who knows, maybe it’s a mix of the two? Whatever the case may be I find that structured shorts offer a unique opportunity to really play up more risky tops. This crop top isn’t as risky as it could be, but it gives a good example of what I mean. Shorts that have more structure to them allow you to be more playful with your tops so you can get away with showing some skin or wearing something that is lacy and fun. Items of clothing that have more structure to them and lean towards a more classic look create the opportunity to play up the difference between structure and casual.

DSC_0273 (2) copyDSC_0281 (2) copyDSC_0282 (2) copyDSC_0283 (2) copy

Here I have a sportswear like crop top from Forever21 paired next to structured “mature” shorts from Zara. I think they are really fun together and create a little more complexity to your look.

Let me know what you think!



Casual Tuesdays

I used to think the only way I could stay cool in the summer was to wear items that expose more skin so that you have less to get warm from clothes. But, I have actually found that there is a certain amount of joy in wearing flowy, looser fitting tops to beat the heat. There is really nothing I dislike more than the sensation of feeling sweat on your back while wearing tight clothing because you know everyone knows you’re melting. But flowy tops, like this sleeveless blouse, don’t touch my back so no one knows how warm I really am. And I find I actually stay cooler, something about having nothing touching me helps the air circulate better? Maybe? I haven’t done the science behind this, but it has been a magical discovery on my part.

DSC_0203 copyDSC_0205 copyDSC_0208 copyDSC_0219 copy

How do you stay cool in the summer?


Tee Shirt Dress Inspiration

Nothing says summer more than a casual, throw-on tee shirt dress.  They’re easy, simple, and make a hot day look less out of control. These are some of my favourite tee shirt dresses to give you some inspiration.



(From left to right) White with black stripes, White with red stripes, Grey dress, Black dress, Grey v-neck dress.

These are all from Shein and luckily for you they are having a massive sale June 27th and 28th which means you can score some of these beauties for next to nothing (aka if you’re nervous about trying the tee shirt you can try one without feeling guilty).

Which summer staple is your favourite?


For the love of details and StyleWe

I like the little things: nice packaging, good cuts of fabric, and interesting edges. That’s why I adore these jeans by WFST (formerly Moffi). I found them on StyleWe which is a really cool platform for independent designers to put forth their products to a bigger market (think a less crop-topy version of Nasty Gal). I love supporting new designers so for me StyleWe is perfect. The jeans are made really well with a really durable cotton and the fringed edge is so fun and different for the summer.

DSC_0300 copyDSC_0305 copyDSC_0311 copyDSC_0324 copy

If you wanna check out my jeans go here. If you’re thinking of getting something from their site, like with any online site, do pay close attention to the measurements because getting the wrong size is super devastating!

How do you feel about rough edges?


ps: Shout out to my lovely sister Maryanna for helping me with the photos, love you!

My Favourite Summer Fabrics

Like any Canadian I am fickle when it comes to my admiration of any given season. I love winter until there’s snow up to my armpits and the temperatures plummet to -40’C. And I adore summer until I’m trapped in the oven that is June-July-August where it’s so hot I can’t even think. I mean maybe it’s just me, but I would like to think it’s a Canadian trait to complain aboot the weather.

Regardless of how I feel about the weather I still have to participate in life in it which thus turns me towards my closet where I attempt to find fabrics that won’t make me feel like I’m swaddled in sweat. My main go-to’s are silk and cotton. Now, silk might now be the best at breathability, but it is so thin that it’s like you’re not wearing clothes. And cotton is the breathable fabric of the world! An added bonus is if anything is made with a little elastic so it stretches with you while you’re melting into the sidewalk.

DSC_0182 copyDSC_0186 copyDSC_0187 copyDSC_0191 copy

What are you wearing to prevent yourself from melting this season?



My Summer Wishlist

This season I really want to challenge normal summer norms like light and flowy fabrics, and outfits favouring a lighter coloured palette. I really love the idea of leather and blacks in the summer the same way I like florals and whites in the winter: I enjoy the contrast with typical conceptions of season appropriate dressing. And I’m difficult so there. I compiled a list of items (all from SheIn by the way) that I feel really capture this harder look that mix a little bit of punk with my love of classic lines and styles, alone with some really fun pieces that together create my ideal summer wardrobe. And since they’re from SheIn they’re super friken afforable, which is always an added bonus for us poor (ex)students.

shein wishlist

From top left clockwise around these are:

Black Tee, Grey Tee, Black Graphic Halter, Rose Knit, Faux Leather Sheath Skirt, Black Structured Skort, Black Faux Leather Structured Backpack, White Sneakers, Black Faux Leather Strappy Backpack, Black Faux Leather Booties, Pink Patterned Skirt, Black High-Rise Shorts.

To me these are all really versatile and easily coordinated into other seasons. Together they would make countless effortlessly cool combos which will definitely give anyone a super fun look for the summer (and beyond!)

What’s on your summer wishlist?


Micha Store Jewelry Review

I always find getting mail really exciting. Something about rushing to the mailbox, opening it and finding it has something for you, it’s honestly the best thing. I was doubly excited when I received my Vonnie necklace from Micha. If you haven’t heard of them before they are a start-up jewelry brand started in Chicago. They have the most excellent pieces that are fun and super on trend and super well priced. Their packaging is so cute and their products do not disappoint. Their jewelry is wonderful and perfect for anything from weddings to date night.

DSC_0116 copyProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetDSC_0120 copy

So if you haven’t yet check them out! Micha is super fun and filled with the most beautiful stuff!



How to style an off the shoulder blouse

I have been seeing off the shoulder blouses everywhere this season so when SheIn sent me one of my own I knew I had to find a way to style it. Since this one is flowy I find that pairing it with these fitted patterned shorts to play with shapes. It’s a really fun, bohemian shirt that gives off a carefree summer feel. The sleeves have beautiful lace on them which inspired me to pair it with  paisley patterned shorts, but it can easily go with high-waisted skinnies, denim shorts, or a structured skirt (to play with fits and shapes).

Check out some similar styles of off the shoulder blouses here! If you’re liking what you see, you’ll probably love these SheIn exclusives!

DSC_0111 copyDSC_0112 copyDSC_0113 copyDSC_0114 copyDSC_0115 copy

My shirt (this one) is so fun and funky. I paired it here with shorts from Zara.


How are you feeling about this off the shoulder trend?



Boots in the summer

I used to think that once it was summer that meant that your winter clothes went into the basement and were left there until the next fall. I don’t mean all my stuff, but like my coat, hats, and winter boots. And to an extent I still feel that way: if you have nice winter coats they should be I cooler temperatures instead of in hot ones, but why can’t you wear boots in the summer? Boots are really fun and I think they add an interesting toughness to my otherwise very feminine/minimal look.

DSC_0085 copyDSC_0086 copyDSC_0087 copyDSC_0088 copyDSC_0093 copy

How do you feel about boots? Are they out of season or are they still super fun?


Life after undergrad

I graduated from university with my bachelors of honours in history Thursday and was bombarded with questions like “What next?!” Truth be told, I don’t know what’s next. I don’t even know what I’m doing next week let alone for the rest of my life. Initially I planned on taking the summer off to refocus my energy to help me figure out those important W words of my life: who, where, what, when, why. And until I have an idea of where or at least an idea of what I am hesitant to jump into answering people’s questions about my next step. I don’t think my position is unique either; I’m sure lots of graduates feel the same way. To do more school, to not, to travel Asia, I mean we are all standing on the same cliff looking out on the same hazy horizon, all unsure how exactly to connect point A with point B. Our parents and uncles and aunts will tell us that we will figure it out and it will all make sense, but I feel like this feeling of uncertainty may linger awhile.

So this summer I am just going to focus on me as I try to figure out what exactly I want to do with my future. I mean, if not now when? I really want to keep my creative juices flowing so please enjoy this cool project I did with my dad. 20160603 LVG 02 edited20160603 LVG 04 edited20160603 LVG 08 edited20160603 LVG 17 edited20160603 LVG 26 edited

This was my dress for graduation and it is from Aritzia.

It’s such a weird period in my life, but I’m glad I’m giving myself the time to figure it out.