3 Reasons to Love Crops

Growing up, to me, is about finding a happy medium between clothes that I think are really fun and clothes that are presentable to the working world i.e. you can’t wear a leather bralette to work for most offices, but you could probably wear a leather skirt. And as I get older I get more and more annoyed with skinny pants. I don’t always love how tight and restricting they feel. I am a flowy gal, I need clothes that make me feel like the ocean breeze. I tried on these loose leg cropped pants that my mom had and wasn’t using and I was instantly in love. NEWS FLASH FRIENDS: These pants made me look so tiny. I have a theory about that actually, I think that since the pants are tight only on the waist and flow out they would probably make most people look thin. These pants! They can do no wrong! And so for all of you I have compiled 3 different outfits in the hopes of convincing you with 3 different reasons that you should love and try wearing cropped pants. (Crops are pretty similar to culottes just longer I’m pretty sure)

crops 1

(Peep the details here) The first reason you should love crops is because they are an unexpected and totally fun idea for a night out. When you think of bars and *~the club~* you probably think dresses and skirts and all things bodycon. WRONG! A wide leg creates a polished and mysterious look while the bright colour of the pants still makes the outfit feel fun. A simple crop, some fun accessories, and a don’t mess with this jacket are all you need with these pants for a super fun night out. Also you may opt for heels, but I like to dance so prefer shoes that are closer to the ground.

crops 2

(Peep the details here) The second reason you should love crops is that they are perfect for the office or work. They are smart, they are fun, and they are fashion forward. Pair it with an unexpected pop of colour, like some orange sandals, and a new take on the classic stripped button up and you’ve got yourself a banging outfit perfect for the office and still fly for happy hour after work.

crops 3

(Peep the details here) The third reason you should love crops is that they are great for all day to day activites. This is pretty similar to an outfit that I wore on my trip. I find white pants can be such a positive reminder to the wearer that it is in fact spring-almost-summer season. I always worry about looking too polished so a dark lip, a fun halter top and some retro inspired sunnies help make me feel more rock and roll. You could wear this site seeing, to lunch, or even out to the mall. And it’s still so frikken put together that you could even rock this to see your grandma or that aunt that never approves of you. Girl, she’ll approve of you in these kick ass pants.

I hope I have instilled the love of crops into all of you as these pants have found a special place in my heart. It is so nice to not wear skinnies for a change and to have some flowiness back in my life.

Are you wearing crops/culottes? If so tell me what you love about them! If you aren’t, why aren’t you!? Were you not convinced?!



4 thoughts on “3 Reasons to Love Crops”

  1. Three very fab ways to style cropped pants! I’d wear the second look, more because they’re paired with heels and cropped trousers make me look shorter if I don’t (I’m only 5’2″ so there’s no need to look shorter!) Otherwise I wish I could wear them with flats!

    xo, Jo


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