Practicing my values

Earlier I wrote about how I find peace by accepting what I can and can’t control and last night was the perfect example of how I live my values. My flight to Italy was cancelled at 2am so we had to scramble to get a new flight for today, but as we waited for hours I noticed how everyone around me acted differently to the delay and ultimate cancelation of the flight. 

I try to see grey: no story is black and white. And because of that I realize I do not know everyone’s story, I don’t know what happened to them that day, I don’t know what they are going through and because of that I try to keep an open mind. But that being said, shit happens. Planes get delayed and people have to sit around and wait and sometimes people have to go home, but ultimately you have very little control in the matter. Yelling at a customer service person won’t fix anything. It will just make everyone more upset. I knew there was nothing I could do to speed up the flight delay so I looked up possible alternative connection flights if we were to miss our connection, and I looked up possible alternative flights altogether because I had a feeling we were not going to leave that night. It turned out that our plane was broken so we were not going anywhere, and I realized crying, yelling, swear, etc would not get us anywhere, so instead my family and I went into action mode and called to get a new flight and got our bags and a taxi to go home as fast as we could. And today we have a new flight. 

The moral of the story is, much as may like to believe, we do not control everything and sure people will get upset that’s only natural, but understanding what you can control I have found has made me more calm and relaxed. 

So wish me luck today as we depart again and have a great Friday!


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