One of the best lesson I ever learned 

Recently I told you all I was finished with my undergraduate degree and was set to graduate. Funny thing about that… It almost didn’t happen. I botched an assignment and then had a small window to fix my mistake (which was huge) in order to be able to meet the grade deadline for my prof so that I could have enough credits to graduate in June.

Worlds. Biggest. Face palm.

I was so mad and sad and confused that I had missed a step of an assignment. But I was also so thankful that I was allowed to correct my mistake without failing the assignment. So it was a weird happy-angry-frustrated-panic.

Anyway it is finished and done and over now. So I am graduating now. I think I hope ahhhhh.

But what I have learned here is

1. Triple read the instructions and if it seems too easy, ask for clarification. Don’t pull a Lea, ASK ASK ASK

2. Mistakes and setbacks are only bad if you see them negatively. You can learn a lot from mistakes and a lot from how you handle situations.

3. The serenity prayer: focus on things that are in your control, ignore and accept what isn’t in your control, and to have the wisdom to know which is which. I have wasted so much energy on things and people who I cannot control and it has lead me to realize that the only person who is under my control is me. This was a turning point for me because I have really been able to focus on how to make me happier and how to refocus my energy in positive ways to make me feel better. People are great but people, generally, are uncontrollable variables that one must work around. This isn’t a negative either or a way of throwing shade or whatever at anyone, it’s a simple assessment of my experiences and what I have experienced is people will always do things that you don’t like or want but you do not have to let that affect you if you don’t want to. You must accept what you can’t change in order to focus on what you can.

Deep, I know.

Let me know your thoughts friends, you are totally allowed to disagree with me and I accept that about you 😉

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Much love,


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