Polette X Lovely Lea 

As someone who does a lot online I spend a lot of time looking at screens. These screens emit blue LED lights that have been linked to damaging your retinas and to disrupting your sleep cycle. Ever wonder why people tell you to keep electronics out of your room at night? Yes they stimulate your brain and wake you up, but they also cause your production of melatonin (aka what makes you sleepy) halt. What?!? No! Not my precious sleep! 

To help defeat some of these LED blue lights, my friends at Polette sent me a pair of their e-Polette glasses with lenses that cancel out about 40% of these lights. This helps keep your sleep cycle regular and it helps protect your eyes after long periods of screen time. I chose the Ferguson frames, they’re so cute! And I have noticed that I have been getting less headaches after long screen times. 

Check them out yourself at www.Polette.com 



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