Different Lengths 

The weirdest thing about the transition seasons is that their weather changes so drastically throughout one day. And it seems the only way to beat this unstable weather is to layer. There are a lot of shirts out these days that have different length hems and there is a lot out there that is cropped. These two different lengths can be really fun to play with. Think of it like hair: layering adds texture. And it looks like a have a little penguin tail, so what’s not to like?!

Pants are from Anerican Apparel, shirt is from Oak and Fort, sweater is from Brandy Melville, and my jacket was my dad’s (I stole it!)

How do you feel about layering lengths?


Polette Eyewear Giveaway

Woot woot! What better way to kick off finishing school than with a giveaway sponsored by Polette?!?

Polette offers a wide range of frames for both men and women, and they have lenses that are corrective, LED filtering, or just for fashion. You can check out their website here!

To enter all you have to do is…

Like Polette on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and follow them on Instagram

Like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram

And then leave a comment when you’re done with your email and the frames you’d want to win! Along with the frames you can receive fashion lenses, corrective lenses, or the LED e-Polette lenses that filter out harmful blue LED lights from your computer and phone screens! (You can read more about e-Polette here!)

The winner will be announced in a week (next Monday, May 2nd!)

Good luck!


That feeling when you finish your undergrad

All over my timeline and on instagram my classmates are posting the same photo that I have of them and their closest pals by the Queen’s University sign along with some saying like “Thanks for the best 4 years” or that Winnie the Pooh quote “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”. Usually all this repetition would frustrate me, like when it’s snowing and every posts that it is snowing, but instead it fills me with this sadness.

It doesn’t feel like four years have passed. I can’t seem to grasp that they have come and gone. I thought I would feel different when I finally got to the end of my undergrad. I thought I would feel older and I thought I would just magically have it figured out and ready to go. But, in practice, I still feel the same as I did entering first year when I was 18, I still don’t really know what the heck I am doing. What’s different is the pride I feel knowing that I told myself I would do this and I did.

When I posted my photo of me and my housemate of 3 years and said thanks for the best four years I really meant it. University was a mix of intense highs from friends and wild lows from exam and school work stress and from loss of loved ones experienced by all my friends. But I wouldn’t trade any of those experiences for anything. I am so thankful for all the support I got from my family and the love I got from my friends and the joy and admiration I have for all of us finishing this together.

I guess that when you get older it’s only a physical change not so much a mental change. Outwardly people treat you as an adult, but little do they know that on the inside I’m still a child (shhh don’t tell anyone it can be our secret).

So while I unpack I leave you all to reminisce about an achievement that really made you proud. Wish me luck, there are a lot of boxes.



Photo 2016-04-21, 2 30 30 PM (1)

Polette X Lovely Lea 

As someone who does a lot online I spend a lot of time looking at screens. These screens emit blue LED lights that have been linked to damaging your retinas and to disrupting your sleep cycle. Ever wonder why people tell you to keep electronics out of your room at night? Yes they stimulate your brain and wake you up, but they also cause your production of melatonin (aka what makes you sleepy) halt. What?!? No! Not my precious sleep! 

To help defeat some of these LED blue lights, my friends at Polette sent me a pair of their e-Polette glasses with lenses that cancel out about 40% of these lights. This helps keep your sleep cycle regular and it helps protect your eyes after long periods of screen time. I chose the Ferguson frames, they’re so cute! And I have noticed that I have been getting less headaches after long screen times. 

Check them out yourself at www.Polette.com 



Easy tip to wearing colour

My wardrobe is mostly composed of black, grey, and lighter grey. And I often wish I wore more colour, but instead of buying a whole new coloured wardrobe, an easier (and debatably cheaper) option is getting a coloured coat. Especially in early spring when it is still a little nippy out, having a light coloured coat can add another dimension to a neutral wardrobe and a nice pop of colour to any look. For me, I recently got this olive green bomber. It’s light and easy to throw on top of any look AND it’s the easiest way to wear colour.


My shirt is from Zara, my pants are from American Apparel, my shoes are Aldo, shades are Polette, and my bomber is from Brandy Melville.

How are you wearing colour this spring?


In between season dressing 

The key to dressing in between seasons in layering. I feel like layering is the secret key to winning at life. If you’re too hot you later down, tie your cardigan around your waist for example, if you’re too cold put the cardigan back on and throw on a scarf or hat. I personally love thin layers that you can stack on top without creating too bulky of a look.  

I’m in love with making my own chokers right now too. I have so much ribbon lying around that I’ve been tying them around my neck. It’s fun and way cheaper than buying a store choker. I’m a poor student so free is my fave price.

My jeans are from American Eagle, my tee is ZARA, my jacket is Brandy Melville, there is a cardigan under that jacket you can’t see but it’s from The Bay, and my boots are Circus by Sam Edleman.

How are you surviving early spring?



Weekend getaway

This past Friday marked the last day of classes of my undergrad which kind of makes me feel weird. It feels so weird to be almost done something that is and was such an important part of my life. My housemate Kim, our friend Shaz and I decided to escape reality for the weekend and find solace in Kim’s family cottage (which is so fricken cute). It’s been really nice to get away from reality with some of the best friends I have ever made before we all go our separate ways and start our “real adult lives”. 

Have a great weekend, friends,

Love, Lea

Bandanas as neck scarves 

When I was 10 I cut a huge chunk of my hair off which resulted in me having a weird bald spot on the top of my head. Because of this I bought and wore a lot of bandanas and scarves to cover it up. So 11 years later I find these bandanas can have a second life covering my neck instead of my head. Rolled up into a strip or worn like a triangle, bandanas are really wonderful to add a little pop of detail to your look. And I mean, who doesn’t own at least one of these bad boys? Even worn in your hair as a headband or tied into a bun, they’re super fun and really chic! 

I am wearing ZARA pants and top, Nine West flats, and a Cynthia Rowley trench coat.

Are you going to try the bandana trend?

Love, Lea