As easy trick to wearing cropped pants

If you’re like me you see cool pants and you want to wear them. Culottes? Yes! How much do I want to wear them! Cropped pants? Bless! They’re the greatest for spring. But, due to a mixture of not-quite-spring weather you may step away from pants that aren’t full length. This is where I stop you, friends, bring those cropped pants back out of that drawer! An easy way to wear them (and an easy way to elongate your leg too, fellow short legged gals I see you!) wear some nylon patterned socks.

American Apparel, among other places, have tons of these. I opted for black sheer base with white polka-dots. They’re fun and they continue my leg line, which is great.DSC_0827 copyDSC_0831 copyDSC_0836 copyDSC_0839 copyDSC_0840 copyDSC_0842 copyDSC_0850 copy

My sweater is from Brandy Melville, my jacket’s my dad’s my bag is Guess, my pants Zara, and my socks from American Apparel.

Have a happy Saturday!


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