How I styled my bomber jacket 

Bomber jackets seem to be everywhere this spring so I thought I would share with you all a more dressed up bomber look to help inspire you all. Bombers are super versatile and add a cool factor to your look (especially if they’re slightly oversized) since they come from the jackets that fighter pilots used to wear. I have so many pictures of my grandpa wearing his from when he was in the airforce and he looks like he was oozing cool.

Anyway, bombers are really versatile. Here I have it paired with jeans, a floral blouse, and black booties. I like pairing items are that more masculine with feminine prints and cuts.  

My shirt is Forever21, my bomber is Brandy Melville, my jeans are from American Eagle, and my boots are Sam Edelman and I made my chocker myself!

How are you all styling your bombers?


Spring has sprung

Yesterday was quite the day! Not only was it the first day of spring BUT it was also International Happiness Day or whatever, which is pretty cool. Spring and happiness often go hand in hand in my eyes, so it was pretty fun. I celebrated spring and happiness by hanging out with friends and seeing one of my favourite bands, Death Cab for Cutie, play. I will tell more about that later, but guys, if you have the chance to see Death Cab go see them, honestly an amazing experience.

It did feel weird, though, wearing a wool coat on the first day of spring, but here’s hoping it heats up.


Classic Styling

 I adore everything about classic, preppy esque, clothing. The simple, crisp lines of trench coats, stripes and dress pants, there’s so much to like! The only thing missing from this look is a bold red lip. 

DSC_0855 copyDSC_0856 copyDSC_0858 copyDSC_0880 copy

My jacket is from Cynthia Rowley, my pants ZARA, my turtleneck is Brandy Melville, and my shoes are from Nine West. 

Much love,


As easy trick to wearing cropped pants

If you’re like me you see cool pants and you want to wear them. Culottes? Yes! How much do I want to wear them! Cropped pants? Bless! They’re the greatest for spring. But, due to a mixture of not-quite-spring weather you may step away from pants that aren’t full length. This is where I stop you, friends, bring those cropped pants back out of that drawer! An easy way to wear them (and an easy way to elongate your leg too, fellow short legged gals I see you!) wear some nylon patterned socks.

American Apparel, among other places, have tons of these. I opted for black sheer base with white polka-dots. They’re fun and they continue my leg line, which is great.DSC_0827 copyDSC_0831 copyDSC_0836 copyDSC_0839 copyDSC_0840 copyDSC_0842 copyDSC_0850 copy

My sweater is from Brandy Melville, my jacket’s my dad’s my bag is Guess, my pants Zara, and my socks from American Apparel.

Have a happy Saturday!


Modern day hieroglyphics

When I see graffiti I always wonder what will survive and what future generations will think of us through our wall art. Drawing on walls has always been a way for humanity to attempt to preserve their presence on Earth, and when they do survive humanity looks to them to understand the past. From simple tags to full out art, it all says something about who we are and what we are trying to preserve.

DSC_0731 copyDSC_0734 copyDSC_0744 copyDSC_0747 copyDSC_0748 copy

These were found on Queen St W in Toronto while I was visiting this past weekend.


Much love


The joys of taking time

I feel like life is a lot right now. As a student who is juggling school, friends, (occasional) work, family, fitness, keeping up with the Kardashians, it can be a lot sometimes. Recently I have really been feeling the pressure. I have just over a month left of my undergrad and everything is due all at the same time, and I’m stressing and rushing and feeling overwhelmed and also incredibly saddened by the fact that I feel like I’m not enjoying this. After this everything will change. Yes, you can always go back to school, but it will never be the same. Although I do feel ready for something new and I look forward to my new chapter as a “real person” with excitement, I do feel a twinge of sadness knowing this part of my life is coming to an end.

Growing up is scary, period.

It is exhilerating, and new, and terrifying, and annoying, and frustrating, and empowering, and humiliating, and demoralizing, but necessary. You have to do it, you have to learn how to pay your bills, how to have a job, how to pay rent, how to be a person. And you’ll figure it out don’t worry, but I often feel that we get so wrapped up in what’s all around us that we forget to live these moments. I am guilty of this. The past few weeks I haven’t really been living my life. I’ve been going through the motions, staying in bed, not doing things for me, feeling sad and not addressing issues I have that I probably should.

Basically I have been denying myself the joy of living every moment of my life.

I have not been present, I have not been enjoying what I’m doing. I started this blog out of passion for writing, photography, and fashion, yet I find myself now feeling it is a burden. I don’t want to be doing something that feels like a burden. You shouldn’t feel that things you choose to be in your life are burdenous, but rather they are avenues of yourself. This is my outlet, it is where I can express myself in a totally unique way than the rest of my life.

I feel like these past few weeks I have really been racing through the end of my four years here at Queen’s and now that I’m almost at the finish line I have stopped running and am now just going through the motions. And I don’t want that. I want to consciously feel everything. I want to really absorb everything this school has to offer me for the last time and really embrace being in this chapter. Yes I am ready for it to be done, but I don’t want to rush the ending.

I guess what I’m saying to you all is that regardless of where you are in your book of life, don’t skim it. Don’t flip through trying to find the “good stuff”. You’re living the good stuff right now, this moment of your life is truly unique if you let it be. Embrace your now, enjoy taking the time to really live your moments, don’t just skip to the end because you’ll realize you’ve missed the plot.

To conclude I would like to acknowledge the words of the great Canadian, Drake with his wise words: “Everybody dies, but not everybody lives”. Take time to enjoy the present.