The groundhog days of winter

As some of you know Groundhog Day was at the start of February. It’s a custom where we watch a groundhog come out of their hole from sleeping and if this hog sees their shadow then we are DOOMED to having more winter and if it does not see its shadow we are BLESSED because spring will be soon. This year the groundhog did not see its shadow and we all rejoiced because our most mild winter would soon turn into our must luscious spring. Friends, WE WERE LIED TO. That sneaky knock-off beaver lied. Let’s review: if you live in Ontario and are close to Quebec (i.e. Ottawa, Kingston, anywhere I live) you got smoked last week with 50cm of snow in one night followed by 10cm more, 15cm more, freezing rain, temperatures of -45 with the windchill. Winter, what the heck! You were supposed to be done.


Looks like I’m not putting my parka away and will have to keep bundling up. Friends, I think it is time we stop trusting groundhogs with our future.

Stay warm!


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