How to make your bathroom into your own spa

If you’re in Ontario, or anywhere getting slammed by a snow storm, you’re trapped inside with nothing to do. The streets aren’t plowed, and even if they were it’s so dangerous outside due to the never ending snow fall. So what to do! What to do!? Me? Well I made my own mini spa to pass the time in luxury. I mean, if you’re trapped inside might as well feel glam. DSC_0629 copyDSC_0627 copyDSC_0624 copy

All you need is a tub, the rest is extra!

I personally love soaking in epsom salts to help relax my muscles, and a Lush bath bomb is always nice too (I crumble mine up to make them last longer, a little goes a long way).

Deep condition your hair in coconut oil while you soak too! Or throw on a face mask. These will make you feel so pampered.

Have something to read or watch too while you’re in the tub, or blast some relaxing tunes. Or if you prefer silence then do that. Whatever you need to help you relax.

Finally light a few candles and make sure you keep some drinking water close, always good to stay hydrated.

What do you do to make you feel like you’re in a spa?


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