Valentine’s Day gifts for people who don’t like Valentine’s Day

Look, time to face the facts: not everyone likes Valentine’s Day. Not even people in relationships (cough cough my boyfriend cough), and for a good reason too, it’s kind of a dumb holiday. Why pick only ONE day of the year to tell your loved ones they rock? I mean yeah I will take any excuse to wear pink and red together, but seriously people need to stop freaking out over this day.

If you feel morally obligated to gift someone with a token of affection then you’re in luck because I have complied a list of easy gifts for your difficult friends!

Your “Netflix and Chill” Friend

valentines 3

For your friend, partner, or FWB peep who is obsessed with taking crazy binges on Netflix get them a universal cell phone mount that they can use to watch their shows on, like this BESTEK one here, a cozy throw that’s perfect for cuddling and cannodeling like this one from Chapter’s, and a funny pillow to help prop them up for optimal Netflix viewage like this Levtex one.

For Your Sexy/Fitspiration/Wanna-be-Kendall-Justin Friend

valentines 1

Yes, Victoria’s Secret makes super sultry lingerie that will make you feel slinky and sexy, but nothing is hotter than Calvin’s. Not only are these under garments comfy af they are versatile and a non-clique Valentine’s Day gift. They’re available at all department stores, but for my Canadian peeps check The Bay for them!

For Your Difficult/Weird/Eclectic Friend

valentines 2

This friend is pretty much all my friends: difficult to shop for because they honestly never want anything. This is fine, not liking gifts is awesome (everything is awesome), but I love giving gifts so I do anyway. Get them something fun like this Sonix lippy phone case it’s super fun and isn’t super Valentine’s Day-ish so it’s still cool. Or if they like burning things and hate cute fluffy pets get them a PyroPet candle. They are a normal wax candle with a metal skeleton that becomes exposed as the candle melts down. And if all else fails a simple mug will do, like this CB Gift mug that constantly reminds your dude or dudette that you love’em.

In the end flowers, candy, or a ridiculous plushy holding a heart will do, but where’s the fun in that?

Good luck friends,


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