How to make your desk a sanctuary

Now while my desk may not be “Desk Inspo” yet, I am working on it. Through research into what boost your creativity and productivity I have found a few things to help make your desk feel less blah and more awesome. It’s somewhere where I do my school work, where I work on my blog, and where I chill and surf the magical internet. So here are some things to make your desk feel more like a sanctuary and less like a prison.

DSC_0552 copyDSC_0551 copy

Surround yourself with positive images and memories

Where they are on your desk in magazine and book form, or on your wall through photographs and inspirational posters, keep images that inspire you close. Wallprints are available pretty much anywhere, I love these two from Little and the Middle. Kinfolk is full of beautiful images and inspiration, this book is a compilation of ways to make your home more beautiful, available at The Sunnyside.

A little fire always helps

Sometimes your senses can have more of an impact on your productivity than you think. When you’re feeling stuck in writers block light a candles. There’s no scientific proof behind this, but it always helps me refocus myself. I adore the candles from The Sunnyside they are so potent, available here,  and The Westin’s candle line is sure to make you feel like you’re on vacation, available here.

Green goes a long way


Having a plant as a pet is so rewarding and they make all spaces feel so much more luxurious. These succulents (found here) are small and great to fit on your desk.

Organize, Organize, Organize!

Put your cards, notes, pens, etc close to you on your desk in these cute dishes. Keeping your pens and sticky-notes where they are easily accessible help you stay focused on your work because you won’t be waiting time searching for supplies. And how gorgeous is the H&M home line? This tin and Pineapple candle holder (which can double as a pen holder) are available here.

Building your perfect desk isn’t as hard as you think, it’s merely a matter of keeping things organized, positive, and fun.

What are your tabletop must haves?


The groundhog days of winter

As some of you know Groundhog Day was at the start of February. It’s a custom where we watch a groundhog come out of their hole from sleeping and if this hog sees their shadow then we are DOOMED to having more winter and if it does not see its shadow we are BLESSED because spring will be soon. This year the groundhog did not see its shadow and we all rejoiced because our most mild winter would soon turn into our must luscious spring. Friends, WE WERE LIED TO. That sneaky knock-off beaver lied. Let’s review: if you live in Ontario and are close to Quebec (i.e. Ottawa, Kingston, anywhere I live) you got smoked last week with 50cm of snow in one night followed by 10cm more, 15cm more, freezing rain, temperatures of -45 with the windchill. Winter, what the heck! You were supposed to be done.


Looks like I’m not putting my parka away and will have to keep bundling up. Friends, I think it is time we stop trusting groundhogs with our future.

Stay warm!


Playing tourist in your hometown 

This past week has been my reading week (spring break) so I came home to see my parents in Ottawa. Although the weather wasn’t amazing, we got 51cm of snow one night, it was still nice to be home. 

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and because of this it is home to many impressive museums and galleries. Even though I have seen all the museums I realized that I had been a long time since I had gone to one (things do change in museums sometimes). So my mom and I bundled up and headed to the Museum of Nature. 

It’s gorgeous. It’s inside an old building and full of some of the coolest exhibits, like my favourite temporary exhibit about bugs. It was equally gross and cool. Bugs are the future, guys! The whole point of that exhibit was the necessity of taking a closer look at bugs and after doing so I can say that they don’t get enough credit for how cool they are. 

It was really fun playing tourist in my hometown, and I recommend you try it too! I learned new things, got to hang out with my mom, and I got to experience one of my town’s coolest museums. 



How to make your bathroom into your own spa

If you’re in Ontario, or anywhere getting slammed by a snow storm, you’re trapped inside with nothing to do. The streets aren’t plowed, and even if they were it’s so dangerous outside due to the never ending snow fall. So what to do! What to do!? Me? Well I made my own mini spa to pass the time in luxury. I mean, if you’re trapped inside might as well feel glam. DSC_0629 copyDSC_0627 copyDSC_0624 copy

All you need is a tub, the rest is extra!

I personally love soaking in epsom salts to help relax my muscles, and a Lush bath bomb is always nice too (I crumble mine up to make them last longer, a little goes a long way).

Deep condition your hair in coconut oil while you soak too! Or throw on a face mask. These will make you feel so pampered.

Have something to read or watch too while you’re in the tub, or blast some relaxing tunes. Or if you prefer silence then do that. Whatever you need to help you relax.

Finally light a few candles and make sure you keep some drinking water close, always good to stay hydrated.

What do you do to make you feel like you’re in a spa?


Denim and dark lips

It feels like forever ago since I wore a dark purple lip which truly is a shame because I think it is so beautiful. You can wear it to make a casual look feel more luxurious, like how I am here, so to make something feminine feel more rock and roll. It can add a punch to any look that can give you and extra push of confidence. 


I’m wearing a ZARA shirt, American Apparel pants, Mac Rebel lipstick, and unknown about where my shoes came from. Had them forever haha 
How do you feel about a purple lip?


My Top 5 Valentine’s Day Movies

There are so many cute things to do on Valentine’s Day like go to dinner, or skating, or whatever being cute doing something cute. But, if you prefer something low key you’re probably home trying to figure out which movie to watch. Let me make that a little bit easier by recommending my favourite 5 mushy movies.

Casablanca (1942)7fcc3e1e-e1bf-4406-9e34-b014f43486df

One of the most iconic love stories, the tale of estranged lovers Rick and Ilsa reunite in Casablanca while fleeing Nazi occupied France. Containing some of the most used catch phrases today, love, guns, planes, and the best trench coats Casablanca is a classic and worth watching.

Must Love Dogs (2005)


This is probably one of the sweetest, most adorable films I have ever seen. It’s relatable, it’s depressing, it’s funny, it’s everything you want. Sarah is a divorced gal trying to make a go of it in the dating world, the only catch is that whoever she finds must love dogs.

Sliding Doors (1998)


This movie is so cool. It revolves around a moment in Helen’s life where she makes a small choice. But this small choice causes her life to split into two separate realities.

Shakespeare in Love (1998)


Most people who grew up in Ontario public schools know this movie because we watched it in like grade 9 or so, but it really is so beautiful. It’s humourous and gutting and perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Tangled (2010)


Hands down one of the cutest movies I’ve ever seen, and for an added bonus it’s animated. There are songs, animals, evil overbearing fake mothers, and the longest, most dreamiest blonde hair.


These are some of my favourite romance movies, all of which are adorable, at times sad, but ultimately so perfect for Valentine’s Day watching.

What are your favourite mushy movies?


Valentine’s Day gifts for people who don’t like Valentine’s Day

Look, time to face the facts: not everyone likes Valentine’s Day. Not even people in relationships (cough cough my boyfriend cough), and for a good reason too, it’s kind of a dumb holiday. Why pick only ONE day of the year to tell your loved ones they rock? I mean yeah I will take any excuse to wear pink and red together, but seriously people need to stop freaking out over this day.

If you feel morally obligated to gift someone with a token of affection then you’re in luck because I have complied a list of easy gifts for your difficult friends!

Your “Netflix and Chill” Friend

valentines 3

For your friend, partner, or FWB peep who is obsessed with taking crazy binges on Netflix get them a universal cell phone mount that they can use to watch their shows on, like this BESTEK one here, a cozy throw that’s perfect for cuddling and cannodeling like this one from Chapter’s, and a funny pillow to help prop them up for optimal Netflix viewage like this Levtex one.

For Your Sexy/Fitspiration/Wanna-be-Kendall-Justin Friend

valentines 1

Yes, Victoria’s Secret makes super sultry lingerie that will make you feel slinky and sexy, but nothing is hotter than Calvin’s. Not only are these under garments comfy af they are versatile and a non-clique Valentine’s Day gift. They’re available at all department stores, but for my Canadian peeps check The Bay for them!

For Your Difficult/Weird/Eclectic Friend

valentines 2

This friend is pretty much all my friends: difficult to shop for because they honestly never want anything. This is fine, not liking gifts is awesome (everything is awesome), but I love giving gifts so I do anyway. Get them something fun like this Sonix lippy phone case it’s super fun and isn’t super Valentine’s Day-ish so it’s still cool. Or if they like burning things and hate cute fluffy pets get them a PyroPet candle. They are a normal wax candle with a metal skeleton that becomes exposed as the candle melts down. And if all else fails a simple mug will do, like this CB Gift mug that constantly reminds your dude or dudette that you love’em.

In the end flowers, candy, or a ridiculous plushy holding a heart will do, but where’s the fun in that?

Good luck friends,


When winter comes back with a vengeance 

I wanted to share with you all a very real ootd from winter time Canada. Recently it has been so toasty and warm and I have been able to wear my wool coat and other lighter coats, but when it’s snowing and cold you better believe I am wearing my parka. It is NOT fun being cold when it is windy and snowing. Trust me, there is nothing cute about freezing your butt off. When I have to be outside for long periods of time I am wearing a hat, mittens, and the warmest coat I have. So I present to you my Canadian outfit of the day: comfy pants, pompom hat and my parka.

When I’m not wearing my knee high rain boots I’m wearing these Circus by Sam Edelman booties, my pants are from American Apparel, my shirt is ZARA, my hat is Lululemon, and my jacket is from Aritzia. And my coffee was a latte because you know. Winter is cold.


Never too soon for a denim jacket

This winter is definitely a mild one, which is great because it allows me to be more creative with my outerwear. Aka I can wear my beloved denim jacket without freezing my buns off. I also pulled a little “WeWoreWhat” inspiration in this look by using a blue ribbon as a choker. The whole look is pretty simple, I love pairing tight with loose so with my tight camel jeans I paired my flowy white and black floral blouse. To top it off I threw on my dad’s old jean jacket. Something about a blouse and a ribbon choker made me feel very vintage, and what better to top off a retro feeling look than with a bright red lip. I recently renewed my love for bright lips so be prepared, friends! DSC_0481 copyDSC_0484 copyDSC_0504 copyDSC_0487 copyDSC_0485 copyDSC_0541 copyDSC_0479 copy

My pants are from American Apparel, the blouse is Forever21, the boots are Nine West, my purse is Michael Kors, and my jacket is my dad’s old Lee’s jean jacket (thanks dad!).

It will be getting cold again this week, which is sad, but that is what winter is like!



Nothing like a little crop to get you through

I have a lot of random summer crop tops in various shades and hues that I usually keep “folded” in my drawer until it’s warmer or occasionally for a night out. But since it’s been so warm out and pretty much seems like spring I thought I might as well break out the crop tops from my closet and give my regular long sleeved, turtlenecks a break. I love how bright this cropped mock turtleneck tank is, it really adds something extra to my black pants and oversized jacket.


My crop is from Forever21, my jacket is my dad’s (thanks!!), my pants are American Apparel, and my shoes are Circus by Sam Edelman.