Casual day uniform

You know days when you wake up and feel like you have nothing to wear, and you rack your brain trying to think up an outfit? Today was one of those days. Everything felt so meh and bleh to me so I leaned on my old faithful: black pants, white v-neck and a plaid shirt. It helps that it’s cold out which gives me more than enough permission to wear booties and a knit toque. This is my go to outfit on off days. These are my favourite pants, they have a side zipper so they lie flat under long tees put I can still tuck shirts in the front if I want. Paired with my white v-neck that is both not to high and not too low, and scallops just where I want it to, this outfit is a never fail old faithful!


My shirt is from Lululemon, my pants are from Zara, my plaid shirt is from Urban Outfitters, my boots are Nine West.

Hope you’re all having a great Friday!


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