So I tried the Kylie Lipkit 

And it was actually really cool. 

The kit comes with a lip liner and a lipstick on a liquid lipgloss esque form. It goes on shiny and drys matte. It’s pretty easy to use because it goes on liquid so you can move it around and really fill your lips in. I find that Candy K (the colour I got) is a little too dark to be a neutral on my skin tone so I apply it by putting a few dots on my lips and then rubbing it in. It can be a little chalky when it drys so I put a little tinted moisturizer on top. 

 The only real downside to Kylie’s lipkit is that it took almost a month to get here, but that’s the USA/Canada boarder for you. 

All in all if there’s one thing Kylie knows is makeup let’s be real here, friends. 

Have you tried it? 


2 thoughts on “So I tried the Kylie Lipkit ”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been so curious about these. I have not tried them, but I think I might try getting my hands on one of the new colours she is releasing for her Valentine collection.


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