My New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of year again, the time where we reflect and make promises to ourselves that this new year will be different and better than the last. But, what really goes into those promises? Usually wishes of better health and fitness, and of financial gain. My resolutions this year are a little different and about more than just self improvement.

This year I really want to learn more about sustainable farming. I want to educate myself on how I can lessen my footprint through my food intake. I want to find amazing veggie based meals to hopefully do week long vegetarianism and try to only eat meat once or twice a week. I don’t want to abandon protein all together, so this will be hard, but I want to do what I can.

I also want to feel more confident and happy about myself so I will work on daily meditations to help me select happiness instead of negativity.

My last resolution is to try to stretch everyday. My body (and my physio) will thank me for it.

What are your resolutions?



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