Winter winds and how to beat them

I won’t lie, I really hate the wind in the winter. Since moving to Kingston where I am so close to a lake I have really started to understand why wind sucks. If wind is ripping off a lake it’ll be damp and cold and evil. There’s not a lot to do to beat this dreadful cold air, but I have found the best thing is to never have an exposed neck. You’ll feel a lot warm with your neck covered. Also warm fleece lined mittens help too!


Now to be fully warm I should be wearing a parka, but I mean, wool coats are so much cuter. Anyway, bundle up and stay warm, friends! 


Casual day uniform

You know days when you wake up and feel like you have nothing to wear, and you rack your brain trying to think up an outfit? Today was one of those days. Everything felt so meh and bleh to me so I leaned on my old faithful: black pants, white v-neck and a plaid shirt. It helps that it’s cold out which gives me more than enough permission to wear booties and a knit toque. This is my go to outfit on off days. These are my favourite pants, they have a side zipper so they lie flat under long tees put I can still tuck shirts in the front if I want. Paired with my white v-neck that is both not to high and not too low, and scallops just where I want it to, this outfit is a never fail old faithful!


My shirt is from Lululemon, my pants are from Zara, my plaid shirt is from Urban Outfitters, my boots are Nine West.

Hope you’re all having a great Friday!


So I tried the Kylie Lipkit 

And it was actually really cool. 

The kit comes with a lip liner and a lipstick on a liquid lipgloss esque form. It goes on shiny and drys matte. It’s pretty easy to use because it goes on liquid so you can move it around and really fill your lips in. I find that Candy K (the colour I got) is a little too dark to be a neutral on my skin tone so I apply it by putting a few dots on my lips and then rubbing it in. It can be a little chalky when it drys so I put a little tinted moisturizer on top. 

 The only real downside to Kylie’s lipkit is that it took almost a month to get here, but that’s the USA/Canada boarder for you. 

All in all if there’s one thing Kylie knows is makeup let’s be real here, friends. 

Have you tried it? 


So good to be home


 Winter is hard. It’s cold and wet and windy and honestly so dark. I mean sure there are parts of winter I love, like the way snowflakes sparkle and the crispness, the way ice hangs from tree: winter can be so beautiful. 
But the darkness and harsh weather are really hard on me. And I get really down and sad, so I went home. 

There is no better cure for winter time blues than hanging out in your family home with your parents and pets. Love is the best cure! 

Hope you’re all having a happy weekend!



Casual family outing

I love thin knit sweaters for two reasons: 1 they are very chic and 2 they can be used to easily dress up a casual look. I wore this look on a quiet family lunch date, so I obviously didn’t want to wear anything too extreme, but I still felt super classy even in jeans.DSC_0001 copyDSC_0002 copyDSC_0005 copyDSC_0007 copyDSC_0008 copyDSC_0009 copy

My pants are from American Apparel, my sweater is from Aritzia, and my scarf is from Zara.



Leather and felt hats

I always find that when I wear my leather jacket I have to pair it with my felt hat. I don’t know why, but to me they go together perfectly. My hat is very folksy to me and nostalgic of another time while my leather jacket is very edgy and modern. Another part of this outfit I absolutely love is my necklace that my sweet pal Sophie made me!

DSC_0024 copyDSC_0040 copyDSC_0041 copyDSC_0053 copyDSC_0062 copyDSC_0065 copyDSC_0067 copyDSC_0070 copyDSC_0072 copy

My jacket is from Nasty Gal, my pants Zara, my turtleneck is Gap, and my hat is from Forever21.

Have a happy Sunday, all!


Mixing Textures

Since Wednesday the temperature has gone back up (bye -30’C!) and I mean, yeah, you still have to wear a coat but it’s not like you can’t go outside anymore.  So to celebrate I wore a skirt. I love my red suede skirt and I also ADORE this grey turtleneck sweater, it’s so cozy, so why not pair them together. They both have such rich textures, and them pair together is really neat. And with denim on top? Perfection.


My skirt and sweater are from Zara, and my jacket is my dad’s old jean jacket (thanks dad!)

Hope you’re all loving the rise in temperature.



Classic bags and wool coats

 As I said on Instagram: wool coats and classic bags are like turtlenecks and chains but different. By this I mean it looks polished and is nothing like turtlenecks and chains. I was just trying to be funny. 

Anyway, I have found that having a classic looking bag is way more practical for my lifestyle than trendy bags because a timeless piece is timeless. I have a lot of trouble spending money on items that I feel will be a short lived buy ie something that is aggressively trendy or made cheaply. My bank account doesn’t always love my splurging for better made clothes, but I do. Life is too short for cheap bags. 

My bag is from guess (thanks mom and dad), my jacket is aritzia.