Looking back 

   2015 has been a year of intense highs matched with devastating lows. It has been my most challenging year to date. This year I entered my last two semesters of university, lost my grandfather who had been suffering with Alzheimer’s for many years, experienced the loss of someone who changed almost everything in my […]

Mild Winter

I found this new development being built with my friend and fell in love with the colours of the mud and gravel. Absolutely lovely. It’s so weird growing up in a suburb because urban sprawl happens all the time and everywhere, no patch of trees is sacred. Okay, maybe that’s extreme.. In any case, it’s […]

Heat Wave

No joke, friends, yesterday it was 11’C. No one was wearing a coat, it was unreal. It was so gorgeous out that I didn’t even feel like wearing such dark colours. Instead I wore lighter camel pants and a dark floral shirt.  My shirt is from Aritzia and my pants are American Apparel. Love, Lea