What’s New with Lovely

Hey friends! Sorry I have been so MIA I honestly have no real answer for you except that life can really get in the way of your plans and intentions sometimes. First of all my camera has been slowly dying which basically prevents me from taking photos for you guys, so I have been in the process of getting a new one (which I did this weekend when I was home). It is so frustrating working with technology that is not cooperating with you. My knees have only been getting worse so I can’t run or do a lot of things until physio clears me for it. It is really hard to be happy when your body isn’t doing what it’s supposed to, so this has been extremely difficult. Also school. School is a lot. I am in my fourth and final year of my undergrad and it’s just a lot sometimes even though I have a really light course load.

But, as I have said before, there are dangers in living below the bar. I have been trying really hard to not let this all get to me, because life goes on and things always get better if you believe they can. So I can do it, luckily my knee pain is only muscular/nerve issues, which is way better than having a joint problem, so that right there is a mini victory.

In other words, friends, I am back and I am dedicated to providing you with outfit ideas and fun tips for everyday life. No more ghosting!



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