Neck scarves

Unless you’ve been living under an Instagram free rock, you’ve probably seen a neck scarf or two. And you’ve probably wondered how they tie it, or how they rock it so easily. I can honestly tell you there are at least 30 tutorials online if you google them or even look them up on pinterest. Pretty much what you do is take a square scarf or bandana that can wrap twice around your neck. Next you fold it into a triangle. After that you fold from the fold towards the point, these folds should be around 2″ wide until you have a little bit of the triangle pointing out from under the fold, then you wrap it around your neck and tuck the little bit of the triangle into your collar (if you want). It’s sort of like a turtleneck’s rebellious sister.

IMG_9506 IMG_9503 IMG_9500 IMG_9482 (1) IMG_9481 IMG_9477 IMG_9457 IMG_9452

The shirt and jacket are from Aritzia, the jeans are Levi’s, the scarf is my mom’s, and the boots are Melia

It’s super easy and adds such an edge to any look!

Are you going to try it?



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